Energy problem

So the last couple of day I tried evoking Belial and vamping someone, nothing successful yet I feel drained. Like someone else was vamping on me :)) I don’t think anyone did but I don’t know what is happening with me, I feel sleepy, with low energy, depressed from my problems and now I can’t focus on anything. Any advice on how to get back some of the energy I lost or some protection to put on. I literally feel exhausted. Thanks

You may just need to do some grounding. Look up grounding exercises and see if that helps.

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Yeah… and Belial is not a demon you go to if you’re completely new…

This could help you: The Vampiric Attunement of Lawlessness

But if you’re new just be careful with what you throw yourself into, this isn’t some bubble-wrapped safe love-and-light spirituality you’re dealing with.

You dealing with some kind of parasite for sure.Before you start your evocation ritual perform banishing rite (Banishing rite of dark lord is suitable because you want to manifest demonic energy and Belial is one of guardians in this rite,you can find it here ,use a search button. Than you will say this mantra 3times

This mantra call upon Samael energy in your temple and can prevent any unwanted energy to interfere your ritual. When you finish your ritual say this mantra again 3times and you are done,no harm !
To increase your energy I suggest aura empowering using this powerful satanic exercise: Do this every day for 7 days.You will see a huge result,than you can do 3times in a week.
I wish you successful evocation!


thank you!!!

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