Energy in Solar Plexus?

I have searched through the forum for my question but I can’t find a post or answer.

Sometimes I feel a pulsing energy behind my solar plexus, like I feel it on my back and not my front. It’s a hot-cold and then hot sensation and it goes on for a few minutes. Sometimes I can even feel one of my ears heat up. I also sweat when it happens.

I don’t know much about Chakras, any help with what’s going on will be much appreciated.

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I do meditation on it whenever I get stomach related problem and it helps :slight_smile: feeling pulsation is normal at spinal area and it should spread around thr region, we can say it front. I do feel like strong energy squeezing abdomen region muscle.

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So I might be having stomach problems?

Yeah that sounds more like a health related issue.

Don’t know… you should know better what diet you are having. I do clean diet which are easy for stomach nd I do go for liquid diet and do lot grounding meditation. Below is the link which you can refer to know about kundalini and chakras from Hindu point of view. You can refer to his other videos as well

Have you done any meditation to stimulate your energy flow or any meditation for that matter?

“The solar plexus chakra Located in the upper belly at the diaphragm, it acts as the center of personal power. This chakra governs personality, ego, and identity, as well as personal freedom, choice, and authenticity.”

Has anything changed in your life related to this? The chakras can be stimulated by acts we do daily! Our life is a reflection of the chakras state! If you have a blockage in life, you get an idea on the chakra you need to improve on!

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I see. Thank you!

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