Energy healing, Karmic debt, questions. (I think, I don't really know what I am asking)

I read a book called something like “Your Body Keeps the Score”. It is on how your body holds all the trauma you have ever experienced.
That is what got me interested in “energy” healing and eventually that lead me to this forum.

Something is wrong with me. I assume it is PTSD based on what my psychiatrist, counselors and my life history say.

  • Can energy healing help me?

  • What sort of work do I have to do on myself afterwards to assist the treatment?

How do I figure out what it is that is wrong. This could also easily be some sort of Karmic debt.
(my friend is a Reiki practicioner (not a Master) and she said that that is sort of what comes to mind when she thinks about me, Karmic debt, but she knows very little about my past, I don’t really talk about it with her)

So, Karmic debt- maybe yes, maybe no.

  • How would I find out?

Can Numerology tell me that? Do I need a Tarot reader? Do i even need a diagnosis?

  • Or would an “energy” healer just be able to tell?

On my own I have been doing some kabbalah/Divine name meditations. I would assume practicing the Cabbalah Cross, LBRP, Middel Pillar exercises would help too but I don’t know.

I think that karmic debt and energetic trauma held within the body are two separate things. Trauma energy that is kept inside of the energetic body can be acknowledged, processed, and let go of, basically healed. There are all kinds of energy healers with varying levels of ability and experience, not to mention all the different types of healing modalities out there in the world.

I think of karma in general as a different kind of thing altogether.

I think you should look into shadow work. It is used to make peace with, and release, any trapped emotional issues and traumas. It can be really intense, but very liberating.

working with night spirits can help you understand your own night (obscure shadow aspects) Nix can be helpful with this.
I will PM you with an offering that might help you.