Energy Extraction

“you know what, even after many years of magical practices I still get amazed at how spiritual activity works at times”…

During preparation for particular rituals, I have been instructed to give blood as an offering either within the proceedings themselves, or as part of some sort of libation afterwards as it was mixed to form a liquid composition. This though was an intentional gift of my life-force as it was given under a pre-determined fashion.

I should point out here that blood offerings are very rare in my practices

With other operations however, I have mysteriously either cut or grazed myself, which guided me to placed this life force energy on the sigil. Blood appears to be a very powerful extraction indeed as it not only seems to feed the spirit, it also gives a direct DNA link to the magician. This link I’ve noticed allows the spirit to take more juice from me at a later date?

To try and explain this…not long after performing a recent ritual, I started to feel faint and weak and as the evening progressed, I contracted a throat infection and a type of virus which left me feeling like shit for the next three days. Having my suspicions I asked the entity if this was her doing and she confirmed that it was as she needed alot of energy to power the intentions I was asking for. The spirit told me to smear blood on the sigil after the ritual and leave it on the altar until the morning. This was how I learned of the DNA link as the information came to me when I woke up the next morning.

So it appears at times that spirits use our blood to act as a bridge to our bodies thereby allowing them to extract more energy to accomplish the will of the magician, even if this leaves us sick for days on end as the power needs to come from somewhere. As mentioned above, this energy has also been taken from me hours later and in some cases, days afterwards which is very interesting to study.

Another type of physical weakness I have encountered was whenever I did path-working exercises where you progress from one level to the other. I experienced this with the lower flames of the OAA as I felt an immediate shift of energy either before or after each flame. I remember before one of the initiations, I got very weak and sick but this wasn’t anything physical within my normal well-being, it was my energy body strengthening and coming into alignment with the demands placed on it by the flames, this is what I call astral sickness as the meridian system appears to be going through a cleansing but to enable this to happen, accumulated wastage needs to be extracted out, which is very similar to a detoxification on the physical body.

I find these ‘energy-extractions’ remarkable and very real indeed as it’s happened to me now on a few occasions over the years, so it’s not some isolated occurrence that some call coincidence*, or could it be anything else other than spirit itself (which is pure energy) drawing more energy from me to accomplish my will.

*(Coincidences could never exist in a multi-connected universe in which we live as everything happens for a reason, or is sparked off from another thought or dimensional activity, so to belief in coincidence is absurd as this suggests an isolated occurrence with no connection to anything else. People simply use this term to describe the fact that they have no idea ‘where or how’ something happened so they try to describe it in an isolated fashion instead, which is impossible in a fully connected state or world in which we live in.)

I know we’ve discussed the subject of blood offerings before here, but we never went into the effects upon ourselves and the aftermath of these practices upon our state of health.

Has anyone here ever been physically ill because of blood sacrifice, or even experienced a severe drop ‘energetically’ in ritual from light-headedness to fainting…or, suffered in other ways where you became sick for a period of time after ritual due to an extraction of energy taken from spiritual intervention?

A few times. Though, never because of an evocation- only spellwork.

For example, a curse I cast on a group of people, on behalf of a client, knocked me out for 18 hours. Over the next few months, they were robbed, beaten, jailed, raped, killed, forced to move to a different country, bankrupted, and more I’m probably forgetting.