Energy Explosions Around The Head

Something similar to the electrical shock (it sound like) occur around the head and specifically near the ear area. The more we talk something gets charged and ,sounds like electricity.

What are the causes? incompatible energy?

What do you think @Maulbeere

I haven’t heard of this before, sorry, but the post isn’t very clear…

What do you mean by “the more we talk” and “incompatible”? Are you talking to someone specific on a phone that you think you have energy issues with, or do you mean ‘we’ in general?


Sometimes I hear a sound, similar to electricity shock (electrical charge) on my head. Where it occurs? specifically around the ears. The more I talk the more it gets louder. This happen sometimes, but I want to know what is the cause of this sound.

I thought, maybe because incompatible (Different) energies repel with other energies? :man_shrugging:

Have you asked a doctor to refer to you a specialist to rule out issues with pressure in the middle or inner ear?

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No sensation of pain or anything physical, it’s related to energy movements.

This is my explanation of this (prediction):
Two different types of energy failed to mix together then repelled.
What do you think?

Have you ever had a nerve injury in your neck, and are you on antidepressants?
Just ruling out mundane reasons for this sensation.

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Nope, non of those apply to me.
I believe it’s related to the energy.

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It is entirely plausible that it is!

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I have this prediction:

Result= electric sound

@Maulbeere You seem out of ideas :thinking:
I guess it’s hopeless.

I asked you two questions, and I’m still waiting for the answers, though I think it’s safe to assume it’s a ‘no’ and ‘I don’t know’.

I have no reason to assume this is energy related at this time - you have not related the incidents to anything energetic in your environment, so there’s no cause to create this effect.

It sounds like your ears are popping, in which case you should check for wax buildup or infection. Sorry if that’s too pragmatic for you. Not everything is magickal. :woman_shrugging:

Signs of energy moving are tingles, warmth, a feeling of pressure in the energy points, ah, even a feeling like a fingernail or knife over the skin, or something moving through your body. That’s not what you’ve got.

Correct - without more information it’s just speculation, and it’s not sensible to overspeculate. That’s why I asked the questions that I did.


I often experience environmental activities when I astral project in company with my spirits. This means that I feel physical energies and environmental interaction around my head and ears.

When this happens, I feel a lot of hands touching me, potpourri exploisions and fireworks close to my ears, hands clapping near my ears and that air disruptency that occurs when a big audience cheers and applauds. The air around me also get thickened, making it hard to breathe. I also feel my spirits dressing me up in different clothes at times.

In contrast to your experience, mine seems to have relevancy because I’m fully aware of what’s going on.


My experience is different because it’s internal. Slight tingles inside the head (near the ears).

In my experience, it starts internally and work it’s way out externally. The internal connection has always been there for me, and it always starts from there.

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I’m looking for answers if you can help …
Can energies repel? and when that can happen?

Hiya OP! The ears and nose are both connected to throat chakra energetically just as they are physically. This could be an indicator of a blockage in that chakra, or be some sort of binding to prevent you from talking. Interesting stuff! :slight_smile:


That is very possible.

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Do you get a physical shock too or just sound like it I occasionally get shocks that the noice builds up then a shock through my brain it hasn’t happened Ina while and I believe was due to blockage of chakra points in head, first happened after doing x but since then it’s just randomly but hasn’t happened fo a while.

So if you think it’s related to energy repelling maybe try putting a crystal to our head in that area next time if it’s from the repelling the crystal should stop it at least I think it would. So if it’s still happening I’d lean on chakra blockage idea. If our saying it’s happening from a specific person do they charge you up energy or make you feel weird you’d probably have another sighn if it was from someone else’s energy.

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A very little shock, almost unnoticeable.


Usually it happens more frequently while interacting with high-energy people (adults) as they are also with a potentially high sexual energy. It rarely happens while talking to teenagers.

How long has this been going on? Asi wrote that I got a chime in left ear somthing trying to answer, no shock though.

When you start noticing it does it seem like possibly the person could be trying to talk to you telepathically too?

If it was from sexual energy I’m sure the teenagers would trigger it too lol, is it possible your sexual energy does it happen to people your attracted too?

I’m probably not going to be able to figure out anything but the questions I’m sure will help those that know more get a better idea of what’s going on.

I tried right now to picture the ringing I have in my ears on a white board and to try erasing it but it wouldn’t erase, that’s a possible thing to looking into doing the whiteboard method for getting over it reprogramming brain.

Considering you get a slight shock makes me think possible blockage my issue almost disapeared after opening my mind more maybe try doing energy work bringing it into your ears after going through the associated chakras upward I currently forget what chakra is supposed to do hearing :worried:.

So high energy like movement or spiritual? I assume spiritual, maybe go back over your shields and specify that frequency.

Earlier it was mentioned if I happens I’ve phone too or in person would be good for the others to know that.

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