Energy experience during meditation

So I am usually off and on when it comes to meditation, I should be practicing it daily. I usually doubt myself and stop meditating for long periods of time, weeks and so. Anyways, this time I tried again, so I focused on my breathing for a while and eventually my legs and feet started tingling and going numb. Eventually it became more intense and started building up to my torso, hands, arms, and head.

I then noticed that my chest felt heavy and my breathing was very slow, so my question is that is this a normal experience when you start meditating? This experience is new to me and I am glad I experienced it, I feel as I have made some type of progress lol.


Same happened to me when I had a long pause from meditation. It’s hard to tell now, cause I’m not focusing on the body much, I pass this stage rather fast and get into the mind, the real reason why we meditate. Its the same as sitting in an uncomfortable position, you can’t meditate if the only thing you’re thinking is how you’re uncomfortable. But lets see what others will say too.

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I feel as if it might have been the presence of a spirit.