Energy colour meanings

Two days ago, I did more work… had a cord-cutting performed as well as some break-up spells, a friend decided to look into it and they saw the energy was red between the two people before it had been turning black ** months ago** (They told me how black either means the energy is turning bad between them or it didn’t work/ needs to be redone at the time that was a jar-spell) this time they said that something is in effect, and how red can mean pain and suffering and negativity.

I would like to know others input and your thoughts, I’ve been trying to look into seeing if I could bring the worst out of one of them to help push it further, but I do hope this means Lerajie’s sprung into action in the matter of two days at that, And the sigils I used as well.

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Could be alchemy. There were originally four, now three stages:
Nigredo - Blackening, putrification, decay
Citrine - Whitening
Albedo - Whitening
? - Reddening.

Citrine/Yellowing is now deprecated, so the other three stages remain.

Also depends on where the alchemy is from, the qlippothic alchemy is quicker.

I’m not sure exactly what you ask but I will answer for the color red.

In this case it may mean aggression and number 5.

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Oh … energy color meanings I would take the same as candle magic meanings.

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Color and their meanings varies from culture to culture. For example, black can be viewed as a color of death with the fact that crows have feathers of the same color, where it can be viewed as the color of life due to fertile soil in another part of the world. White is commonly associated with death in eastern cultures, where it is associated with purity in western cultures.

In regards to your situation, I would say the best answer would be to try to scan the situation yourself (similiar to how we do it on the scanning threads here but apply it to the relationship at hand) and if colors come up during the exercise, ask yourself what they represent to you, as the images that pop up are often symbolic towards our understanding.

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