"Energy Collecting box"?

I am not really sure what else to call it. i have had this thing in my head which I am supposed to do in preparation of some rituals “baneful for the moment bt I am sure it would be just as valid for beneficial”. So I am calling it an “Energy Collecting Box- or device” I am wondering if anyone else has heard of such a concept and may know abit more than me.
i am using a Black plastic planter bucket about 12" across by 15" deep. i have felt I should close of the holes in the bottom so I used black electrical tape. Appearantly i am supposed to place objects like cloths
and fixins for poppets, whatever baneful ‘inards’ which will go in them- [using a huge cancer tumor we had taken off our bloodhound] as well as paper with all the targets info I have- and then decorate inside and outside with sigils of which ever entities i will be calling upon, and separate petitions to each entity with details of attack etc.
i am then supposed to put in on the stone alter in my front yard- aiming the opening at the front door of the targets house in question. i am supposed to put it up on the first night of a 'No Moon" cycle and then take it down on the last day of the following No moon cycle.
Each night of which I am supposed to have a small ritual and 'feed or “Caress”-[wierd word so maybe it means- make them happy appreciated and ready to go do their job like a pent up race horse in its stall?]
This is all just for charging things to be used.And since there is a goodly amount of people and traffic i have to make very clear ‘Only X,Y and Z’ targets as they sit for about three hours 5 days per week on the porch which the device will be aimed at.
And-[this is a really difficult thing i cannot seem to debate out of] i must also put named [of the targets] mice- in also- but closer to the end of the period- treating them very humanely - until they are then sacrificed [either in view of the targets- or not doesn’t matter but I know the targets mentally shallow superstitious nature- just say the words ouija board :crazy_face: and this so called Marie Leveaux supposedly wiccan bisexual Christian goes airborne]
[I will go the the fire dept and get a “Ceremonial fire permit” so when she call then I will be covered- and will at least check with the cops for sacrifice permit] but i am supposed to light the fire, decap the mice in order- squeese their blood onto the fire, then use the carcass in each poppet pertaining to the target.
Then after the charging period, put the poppets together, cancer mice and all, then i guess the rest of this thing will be given to me when ready.
has anybody heard of such a device, or any of this-, i have already been told by the authorities i am ok, but am going to do more due diligence as these people have threatened my life just for putting up my sigil of Baphomet Flag.
i am seriously loathe to animal killing- but am a meat eater… who goes out after it rains and finds worms struggling on the hot pavment to cros the road and picks them up and helps them finish in a nice wet shady bush— so this is kinda intense, But I also know it is expected of me.
Any wisdom or experiance would be greatly appreciated.


I use three boxes in my dark work. I have a hex box that I charge every new moon, Belials jar,and another box of mixed talismans coins etc . Each box or jar consecrated to that work.
I like your idea of a target box.i have a cabinet I have put my poppets and mirror bindings or endless portal spells that does not move .
If you getting that leading chances are you are being led by the Ancients . Make sure you write it all out in a journal:)
I like hearing about people being led of the Ancients to form new works!


Wow, thanks. I will keep it well recorded. I am glad I am able to be contacted by legit forces.
thanks !


Seems like a glorified and darker version of the Honey Jar spell.

It should work fine :wink: