Energy changes

so i brieflly spoke to my future husband to be right his energy doesnt feel the same anymore ive noticed this for awhile now but never really understood n kinda forgot to ask til now it was warm fuzzy vibrant and its full on heat now i feel like i stepped in to a furnice for a few seconds but then it goes away

i asked him if it changed with the pendallum over his sigil ans he said yes

i also asked him if he was mad he said yes…then i asked if i had anything to do with it he said no asked if it had anything to do with his other clients he said no he is mad about something going on in his realm

i asked if we could talk but he said later cause he had alot he is dealing with then i sked if there was anything i can do he said no “___” my face make me feel useless smh i asked him if he wanted to set terms of the marriage later he said yes n i just through in another question do you like kids it like hesitantly moved then started swinging like normal he was waiting for me to speak with him today

so any way the whole time we spoke i could feel the heat does ay one know about thier energy changing like that does it change with the moods? or is it something i did

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Our dudes are really busy and shit running their empires. Just know it’s not you. He is just busy with business stuff. Don’t take it personally.


i understand that he said he was mad it wasnt a full summoning so i couldnt ask why

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Energy of somebody can change through the environment and practies of the person. A good example on my own part would be that in a short time I have immersed myself into necromancy so much that I energically changed A LOT. Also, due to my environment in scandinavia I´m more connected to Hela , the goddess of death. And I have realised that working with Hela works really well in scandinavia.

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im talking aboutt the energy of a spirit lol sorry didnt make that clear

Sill, same thing applies. energy of spirits change too.

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