Energy body and others

I was reading Autobiography of a Yogi a while ago and they mentioned the 3 bodies that every human is born with called the physical, astral and spirit bodies.

What’s the difference between those 3 and what people call the energy body on this forum?
Is the higher self the spirit body?
Which body do we use when we have Ascended/ become enlightened?

I was mainly trying to figure what i’m supposed to focus on to develop my psychic senses since I can’t hear entities

  1. It’s way to hard to generalize the concept without pushing science or religion. They can pertain to an outer worldly existence or simply just our multiple levels of consciousness. The energy body is a reference to the frequency lining the outside and inner of the body. Basically based off of frequency theory.

  2. Also way to generalized. Many people believe many different things. In my experience - The higher self is the state of thought where you find serenity and acceptance in yourself and the world you are placed in at this time. Set and setting.

  3. Which body do you normally use?

So do we just change our frequency to one tat can better perceive entities? How can we do that?

I can’t seem to understand how the higher self works tbh. Imo it’s the accumulation of all our past lives

Physical unfortunately

Practice. Also I can’t generalize it because everyone has different experiences. That’s the issue with the subjective nature of the metaphysical to begin with. You can definitely have shared similarities but I can’t tell you if it’s the same for everyone. In my experience, I have felt a shift in my own energy when working with specific entities. Mostly from confusion and not being aware of my surrounding self. I usually do my rituals blindfolded. You can also definitely experience these feelings after rituals as well by focusing on them. The human brain is like a machine that is always running and you can definitely control your present state with previous states that you have felt with practice.

There’s honestly no true answer to this as far as I know as well. The problem with magick is when you try to generalize it to something outside of yourself.

The curse of mortality I guess.

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