Energy Awareness [Ritual]

Ritual For An Open Mind

I would recommend knowing how to enter a basic trance state before attempting this ritual as it is a requirement to reach inward.

Ingredients :
Your mind.

Ritual Setup :
Find a dark room or a light room, set it to the temperature that makes you comfortable. Zone out and find your comfort.

Ritual :

Begin by opening your existence to the theta wave and fall inward.

Focus on your soul entering through your crown chakra.

Focus on your ambitions being manifested in your 3rd eye. See your future.

Sink deeper into the throat and feel your words and thoughts becoming reality. There is nothing to hide. You know your self more than anyone else. The Goetia are simply a pathway to it.

Focus on yourself falling into a rift of emotions that are completely out of your control. Breathe to the motion of your heartbeats. Find yourself surrounded by the inner self. You are guiding yourself.

Sink into the Solar Plexus. Imagine floating into nothingness. Feel your self, feel your energy and stop hiding. Focus on your inner fire lighting up your body.

Sink one step deeper, find yourself surrounded by every thought you have ever had from before you were born until now. Envision your love of yourself. If the image is so evil, why would it perceive love.

Go deeper now and find yourself rooted into the Earth, feel your root chakra. Pushing your goals everything around you becoming a reality. You are a “God”. The concept is simple, you cannot keep hiding behind the archetypes of your mind. Let everything go. Stop thinking.

Crown - Tingly feeling at the top of your head.
Third Eye - Pressure on your brow.
Heart - Your Inner Self.
Throat - Your voice.
Solar Plexus - The fire you feel during rituals.
Sacral - This one is hard to explain, it feels different for everyone.
Root - Your connection to the metaphysical from a realistic perspective.


I am going to try this

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It’s amazing. I promise. Just make sure not to stop falling inward. The key is to have your soul come down from your crown and enter every aspect of you. It helps you meet your inner self.


i did it amazing expirience it aslo made me up to few realisation moments they happened at heart 3 eye and root are the most intense ones and i feel more aware thank you for sharring