Energy and Temperature

So, over the past few years I had done many evocations that proved to be unsuccessful, I mainly did them in my room. I also had done a handful of spells. Most of the entities I evocated were ones such as Andras, Lucifer, Lilith, Beezlebub, Marbas, among others. Now before I ever did anything like that in this one room, the temperature was tolerable.

Now, whenever you walk into my room, it’s like a blast of fire hits you. To say the least, it’s hotter than it should be. Now, I haven’t ruled out the possibility that it could just be poor insulation or something like that. But im the type of person that looks for pratical and spiritual explanations in everything.

Also note that I have never cleansed my room or house in general after I performed my rituals. I also don’t work with these entities any longer. Is it possible that there’s just a ton of residue energy left over and that’s what’s making it so desert-like in my room? I use a ton of fans at night just to cool things off, but they don’t do anything other than blow more hot air around :joy:

Is energy or entities in general capable of changing the temperature in a certain space?

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Yes… Basically you opened a portal to their dimension… So while they’re probably not interested in you. You created for them another gate to malkuth


Yes, it is merely an energetic residue left over from your evocations. If you don’t like it, dispel it though a banishing. The incantation from Kingdoms of Flame is great for clearing out energy from a space.



use a temperature measurement to see if it’s different from the next room. Usually temps not that different between rooms. maybe it’s just you feeling it being hot. mind over matter. so use an objective temperature measurement.

my home is usually hot cuz old building. and on top floor. hot air rise. then account for the weather of season too.

Yeah I checked the temperature. In my room it’s 83 degrees, outside of it, it’s 64

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that’s not hot. my room use to be similar temp of 84 all the time. what about next room? 83 also?

It’s quite hot actually. I don’t know if the temperature isn’t reading correctly or not, but trust me when I say it’s like a furnace. Next room is the storage room. It’s the same 64. It’s like that everywhere in the house. Except mine of course.

Advice: Search and perform a good ritual of banishement

83 temp is not hot. some people say it is but i say it’s not. 90’s is what i call hot.

I guess it’s a matter of opinion then. Where I am, that’s considered hot as fuck lol. Oh well :grin:

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