Energetic short circuit / David griffen

I’m sorry I’m asking a lot of questions in this forum, but since it’s the only opportunity for me to spread out my feedbacks, since in real life i dont have people practicing and digging Into the occult.
David Griffen from the golden dawn talked about the system as a safe way to produce high counsciousness and he evoked the risk of being short circuited in an energetic way.
Here is what comes into my mind, for exemple, I sake to gain brave and dominion over ennemies. Then in a system of high magick i will certainly grab the mars planetary energy into my field evoking the element of fire then evoking the macrocosmic energy of hexagram of mars into my planetary talisman.
Let us assume that, simultaniously I sake the intervention of goetic deity to make me invincible vis à vis of ennemies , so please focus on how particilar my question is.
Is there any conflict of interest between achieving things with high magick and low magick.
So in this case will i take a risk of interrupting the process ? And for exemple if I just made the high magick opération the result achieved is more effective or less effective then the low magick path ?
What is the difference and notice that i need every detail your inspiration can afford me.
Thank you for your correspondances


In essence the only different between high and low magick is the plane effected. Low magick is generally used for quick verifiable results usually physically while high magick can be thought of as leveling yourself up spiritually and mentally increasing yourself which has an effect of increasing your power in low magick.

Low magick is generally used to pave the way for high magick by satisfying material concerns and desires to allow you to focus on your own evolution. Gaining knowledge and applying that knowledge of the universe to better yourself and gain further reach and knowledge can be considered high magick, while making sure you have money to eat and sustain your body can be low magick. Some goals might conflict but that is based on your own personal situation so use your best judgment. General rule of thumb is to not let yourself be consumed by any single desire.