Energetic reception with magick

Hey All!

Nothing ranty (maybe,don’t know yet lol) just a general question: in spell working can you feel (on a kinesthetic level) what energetic invoked/evoked/even on ritualistic opening what energetic sensations do you feel within the process? I’m only asking because I use these as “markers” in a certain conscious levels of:"I’m here in this state feeling etc so I can use this as an indicator to go to the next step.
Visualizations are pretty on point but seeing the actual entities beyond a distinct feeling of presence and congealing energetic blobs hasn’t happened yet. The reason why I’m asking is because I’m an active energetic vamp and how I approach and receive magick may be different from other methodologies.


I used to not, but after a year of middle pillar (which changed to pillars and spheres) I do now.

Hey Orismen!!

Just a quick question: within that first year what was that like? I can only imagine your will must have developed greatly to get to that point and then further.


I started out very frustrated lol. I had to keep a note book open of what to say and when, but overtime the words and motions (I would point to each part of my body in the M.P.) became second nature and that allowed me to focus on the visualizations and the energy.

It stated out subtle, but now I can feel the difference between the Empyrean Energy of the first pillar, the Chthonic Energy of the second pillar, and the Elemental Energy of each sphere.

Couple that with regular mediation and it really changed me at a deep level. I became more in tune with who and what I really am and who and what “other” things are.

Kinda like getting a soft wear upgrade.

Have you been making use of scrying exercises? Your OP hinted at you wanting to see and not just feel.

Yup, still on the scrying excercises. I’m making headway if I’m not “visually” seeing anything I get impressions that lead to a vision. Making sense of what I see is the fun part. Falling into the trance is alot easier then when I first started as well.