Energetic eyes

Is there a method of influencing and being able to radiate a sharp energy to push energy out of my eyes? So when others lock onto my eyes or when i lock onto others it can repel mental influence. And i would like to know if sight vampyrism is like actual vampyrism through eye contact.

Making a shield would be more effective to stop mental influences, as for the vampirism aspect, learn predatory vampirism because eye contact would make it obvious and probably not as efficient.


Yes. Such a gaze is believed to be a trait of a master of martial arts. It is often said in the literature that a true master can win a fight through their spirit alone, without throwing a single punch.

Yes, you can draw in energy through your eyes.


That’s interesting. For the sight vampyrism i would imagine you just use your sense of feel to draw the energy in?


Jason Miller covers types of gazes in his book Sorcerer’s Secrets. The most famous, of course, being the so-called Evil Eye, which is a fixed gaze through which one projects hatred and negative energies.


Thats funny i just downloaded that book :laughing: thankyou for replying.