Enemies to Lucifer for wants?

Hi All,

Is there a spell or ritual that I can have my enemies lives takened by Lucifer for exchange of wealth, happiness and etc?


So you think you can simply order Lucifer to exterminate your enemies?
What do you have that He needs in the first place?
He is older than the physical universe.

Wait, you want Lucifer to take the lives of your enemies, and in exchange for that he must provide you wealth and hapiness? …

Yes. It’s called human sacrifice. And, mind you, I’m being completely serious. No demon is going to kill someone then pay you. You have no claim over this person, you can’t give them to the demon spiritually. You have to take complete control. Having a spirit kill them is work for the spirit itself.

There is a loophole, you could have one entity take that persons energy and then give that to lucifer. But yeah what the op said is sort of like “Can you pay me to make me a hamburger?”

No pain, no gain. Real magick has its own laws, also you have to effort in achieving goals, no easy ways, and you have to pay spirits for their workings be it in energy, Incense, recognition, etc.