Enemies thriving

How is this even possible?

Targets of multiple curses, done by different people, done through different periods of time,
done with the help of most furious angels and demons, and even Gods.
Done with knowledge, power and experience.

They are thriving now. One year and a half later.

I am not even looking for answers.
I am just sharing.

I have thought much about the reasons for magickal failures, I have even written about it.

The enemies totally deserve their curses.
They totally deserve to be smashed and ruined.

Instead of this, they are thriving, and this is the absolute injustice.

I don’t know what else I can do.
I only know that I won’t give up until I see them in the trash where they belong.


There is a well known side effect in black magick that sometimes a curse will actually improve the target’s life before taking full hold and bringing about their end.

EA discusses this at length in his book Baneful Magick, but basically it is thought to be a combination of the target subconsciously knowing the end is near so they work harder to have a good life, and the forces evoked setting them up for their fall.


I know, @DarkestKnight, I’ve read Baneful magick, thank you for reminding me this.

My post was a little bit emotional, because I hadn’t checked my targets since months, not even thought of them, recently I started to be interested what is happening to them, and what I saw, amazed me.

Instead of being crushed and prostrated to the ground after all our efforts, they seem to live a pretty good life! They had even promotions at work!
Yes, I am disappointed, and yes, I am angry.

Maybe this is what they want me to see.


Sometimes things happen to the targets, yet they get over it and keep living. Overcoming bad days is not a skill exclusive of people who believe themselves to be warriors


Well, it sounds like the perfect time for round number two…


They are not warriors, they are scums who don’t deserve even to live but they living in misery and disaster is the best vengeance for me.

I’m full of hatred towards them still, but I do realise that it is never too late to bring justice.
An year and a half is pretty much time but the curses are not done in vain.


Yes, let’s the game begins again.
One year and a half has already passed.


The truth of the matter is some enemies have protection and so this means the magician has to stay the course and perhaps try new more powerful rituals designed to bring about the death of the enemy.


I am pretty sure one of the targets has a strong protection done by his dead relative known for his strong character and powerful life.
Of course, we did protection removal several times, he lost properties, and had other misfortunes.
But his dead relative keeps going on protecting him.


:thinking: do you know the relative’s name? Maybe you can try doing work to weaken the power of this relative.

Yes, he’s famous in my country. He was a politician.
Very powerful and unscrupulous.

My target is his great-grandson. And his last heir.
Even dead, he won’t want his name to be forgotten.
Which will happen if we succeed.

Maybe we should concentrate really hard on weakening him.


The stakes are high on this one :rofl:
Those sort of folks usually dabble in all kinds of things and do take protection seriously. That doesn’t mean you won’t be successful as we know several celebrities and politicians have been the victims of brutal curses that have no end in sight. You just have to find the right formula. I also think that often times with targets like this you have to have a destruction altar of sorts dedicated to the targets and do work on that altar regularly.

I think your thread is interesting it would be good if there could be a mass working thread for targeted curses wherein the names of targets are not openly shared on the forum maybe via pm for those who are willing to help you curse your target.


I have personal reasons to hate his great-grandson. We have known each other personally and he did everything he could to ruin my life, I won’t go into details.
I have his personal things, like hairs, even drops of his blood.
He has denied his family connections and he has moved to another country.
He wants to cut all the cords with his family.

But he is first born son.
That’s why I think his great-grandfather is still protecting him.

And yes, I do have a special altar for him. Enabled with everything which can connect with him, even his handwriting. Parts of clothes, DNA samples etc.
Some of them are already in use.

Not only Goetic demons are included.
Many different approaches have been done.
Many different cultural forms of magick.

They say that the result of the magickal work is equal to:

  1. The power of the magician multiplied by:
  2. The power of the ritual / the deity

If one of these is zero, then, of course the result would be zero.

I think that these two
conditions had been fulfilled. None of them is zero, on the contrary.

So, the mistake is somewhere else.


I know you are disappointed but don’t say it’s a mistake. As someone else said it could be the universe is setting him up for a major fall. I do think you should do a few things against his powerful relative. Ultimately I know you will be successful!

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My pardon’s but my advice is using a binding spell but with black rubber bands instead or something with a strechable material and then going back to using energy work and invocation.

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Is your target within your sphere of influence? Magick is often far less effective when targeting individuals outside of your effective range of power. You mention this person was a politician. Unless you yourself are a politician or someone who is connected in those circles (gonna guess that you aren’t), I doubt you’ll be able to have much of an effect.

You also mention that you have seen results manifest, but that you believe they have protection in place. If you really believe that they have access to magickal protection, you should consider that they could counter-attack you just as easily as you attacked them. Everyone’s a fuckin badass until the curses get turned back on them.

Even if you have personal links to the target, such links can be negated by anti-curse magick. If this person is as powerful as you say, you may want to consider that they have amply protected themselves and perhaps even bound and negated your power. Even if you don’t know who exactly is throwing it, if you sense a curse you can bind the sender of said curse.

In all honesty, if you feel the need to ask randos on a public forum for advice on your magickal conflict then you probably shouldn’t be engaging in it in the first place. You may not like it, but if you choose to play these games with people who can fight back you will not always win, and if you’re throwing out death curses you shouldn’t be surprised to find like reciprocation. Even if you do somehow win, in war there are always casualties.

Do what you want, but that’s all that I’m going to say to you about this. I’m not in the habit of making powerful magickal enemies.

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No he isn’t. But I don’t believe this has anything to do with the magick.

No, I never mentioned he was a politician.
His grand father was, and he is dead.

So, according to your logic one has to be in close circles with their target otherwise the magick would be uneffective?
So if he works at a pizza restaurant, I should also work there or share a common place to live or friends to be able to do magick on them?
I don’t find sense in this.

Probably but in my case the target does not use magick and will not pay to anyone to do it, that’s for sure.

I’m not asking for advice. I am just sharing experience so far.
Thanks for your contribition to the post.


Yes sphere of influence really important
.he must be, within your reality tunnel… Plus maybe youre standing in your own way subconsciously… Prolly due,to deep values you Hae within, you are unaware of… Have you ever succeeded in, a, death, curse before? This should gauge your capabilities… Start off with an easy, target on your own, see how it goes… Try cursing a, chicken or a, cow (I’m fucking serious)…then your subconscious will start believing this is possible… Death is not as easy as it seems


Before cursing the guy… Seek communication with him first… I see this tactic in African voodoo systems where witches, first off develop rapport with their targets then fuck them over… Find a, away to interact with him genuinely let the energy build up… Then slowly start your work…


Apply more curses

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