Enemies & the path of ascension

Hi everyone I’m new here. I’ve already introduced myself on the new member forum so I’m ready to rock n roll.

My question was this

Has anyone else noticed that the more you own your path,the more you progress,the more knowledge you get and the more you ascend into godhood the more people complete strangers even seem to hate you for it?

I’m wondering if it’s just me but I’m thinking that it probably isn’t and I’d like to hear from anyone with similar experiences.

Lately I keep getting these people who seem to just want to drag me down. They don’t have a kind word to say,they look at me with burning hatred in their eyes. I kid you not if I have said anything to them at all it is neutral like “hello” or kind “how are you?”

I’m not going around being a dick or invading anyone elses space but they sure as hell think they can invade mine.

I’m new to peeking down the left hand path but I am starting to use techiniques beyond simply shielding myself around such people. More and more I am experimenting with taking whatever energy back they have just tried to steal from me either conciously or subconciously because that is the only reason that makes sense to me why people would act this way.

And if I take back what they have stolen along with a tax so they can’t get keep coming at me then so be it. They probably shouldn’t have invaded my space to start with.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and stories

PS. I am not a pushover I have no qualms telling people verbally “hey I haven’t done anything to you so stop being a dick” they still don’t listen to the verbal warning


Yes, I’ve experienced it daily.

This is because they are jealous of you and how fast and well you are developing. It is usually coming from their low self-esteem, or because they automatically compare themselves with you, and the results are hurts them. You got no bussiness with these people, at all.

They are a good indicators to measure, you are in a good way (if you are completely honest when you’re posting about your successes). People there possibly will doubt your experiences, what you did/do and this is an another good sign what shows you that you are absolutely good.

“hey I haven’t done anything to you so stop being a dick”

Don’t be afraid. You can easily find these kind of people even here. They’re everywhere.


Thanks for the kind words it is reassuring to hear it isn’t just me and this is all part of the process and to trust in it.

If you don’t mind my asking what are some techniques you personally employ to deal with such people?

So far I’ve mostly been a lurker (before I joined) and I’m actually pleasantly surprised at the quality people who seem to come here. At the very least is seems to be a haven where havens are hard to find

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No problem. :black_heart:

It’s very basic part if you want to be able to handle these people very well, that first you have to know yourself, your true potential, and trust in yourself.

Lot of people stuck in this case, because they deeply inside hoping in that they can get positive opinions and confirmations from OTHERS (Some of them can’t bare if they sees someone is strong, and successful - or sees that she/he made incredible posts about her/his results - they will doubt you, and blame you or worst: attack you).
Others, who are clearly not potent in your case, and don’t know you enough to be able to understand you (and possibly they are simply don’t want to know you). You have to realize that you don’t need them, to confirm your performance.

Their opinion about you, their lies, their shitty little gossips can’t make you weaker, or worst person. They show you their weakness, and after you are became able to realize and even believe that this is the reason why they attacks you, you can simply jump over these.

An another thing what was important to me: As you can see, I’m working with lot of Deities, in the same time. They’re understand me, know me very well like no one else, and if THEY decides to take handle me in this way and called me (because They did it every time and case), I can’t be a weak or bad person - and knowing it, it gave me a big raise.

So if you’re about to work with a Deity possibly He/She will help you
to handle these kind of mobs extremely well.


A sort of BALG Haven:


As humans, we fear what we do not understand. That is why children flee to their mothers besides at ungodly hours of the night. As you grow more powerful the fewer people will understand you as a person. We hate what we fear in attempts to destroy it. We all experience this, you are not alone


I am a enegy vampire. The less I feed the more hate I get, but the more energy I take in the better people treat me. Its totally weird.

Maybe its your vibe you are giving off?


Energy vampire here, that is true af. Not sure why.


Jonathon Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach. Huge back in the 1970s. I read it in my mid-teens.


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No it’s not! It’s because they are a herd pack of low, fucking arseholes - real scrapings from the bottom of the gene pool. Most exhibit the limited apprehensions and style of Neanderthals. What passes for their crippled morality and intellectual turpitude causes me painful belly-laughter. Homo normalis wouldn’t know or appreciate ‘development’ just like a spider monkey can’t know or appreciate Shakespeare.

The masses are worth about a dime a dozen on the hoof. “They feel little; what is, is balanced by weak joys…”



Thank you to everyone for your replies

@ Nagash your words made me stop and think because they are echos of what my spirit guides have been teaching me recently. I made sure to meditate on them and check myself. I feel I have been doing well rising above the need for others approval

I am really happy to meet some energy vampires here. I am wondering more and more if I might be one? I have always known I was an empath but now I’m thinking maybe I’m an empath because I’m a vampire?

I’m still trying to figure out a decent feeding technique.

I’ve always felt better more energized out in nature.

I am actually anemic but I take an iron pill and I’m fine.

And this is going to sound really weird but according to a dna test I think it was ancestry.com that also provided information on possible relatives it turned out I was related to Vlad Tepis aka historical Dracula so I can honestly say Dracula is my ancestor

So I’m trying to figure this all out. I’m a very practical person actually. I’ve always approached magick with an open mind. I tested it out by keeping a journal and realizing there’s something to it it really does work.

So I can’t discount this idea however odd and how much it freaked me out.

When my dad kept telling me were descended from vampires and werewolves I thought it was because he fried his brain from too many drugs until the dna test dracula relation and vampires started popping up in my dreams as spirit guides etc


Great topic and I agree with everything said here

Please remember that there are assholes and DNA junk on both sides. There are people pretending to walk this path or truly believe they are, for absolutely egocentric reasons and sometimes mental illness. They never work on their skills or knowledge… all they care about is to learn few “tricks”, read couple of books, and act like Gods walking among human animals, expecting nothing but unconditional love or blind obedience. Those do exist as well.

Just because someone is following a specific path and claiming that he or she is seeking Godhood that doesn’t give them the right to expect being treated in any special way than anyone else. It only gives them a chance to show everyone else who they really are. And their actions will attract the respect they deserve, according to their actions, not what they believe about themselves.

Being a God is not only about having “powers” to make some shit happen or curse someone to death if they dare to question your “divinity”. It’s way more than that. And that’s why there is a path to ascension… taking the first steps doesn’t mean you assume you’re already there. There’s no guarantee that anyone will ever reach that destination but most if not all instantly declare themselves Gods once they have the intention of walking the path, even before taking a single step!

When you read what religious extremists are saying about themselves and how they compare themselves to others… well, not that different to be honest. They also think that there are “enemies” trying to keep them away from their path to heaven and getting closer to their God or reach christ consciousness or whatever their religion is promising. Just keep that in mind, think about it for a second then ask yourself what’s the difference ?! Is it really a difference or just an excuse?

All I’m saying is let’s have some balanced view of reality. Those idiots do exist… but on both sides of the path, in my opinion :slight_smile:


Met some of those people.

I had a dew side projects and basically throwing out ideas (starter prototypes). One ofbthebguys ran with the idea and started his own thing as I was busy with something else. Met him in real life after knowing him online. He basically liked to “Talk Alot” and paint a picture of himself as being knowledgeable. Then one day I noticed he was reading certain books on the subject of the ideas I proposed. I said nothing. Later on he tried to discourage my study and reaearch into certain areas and then tried to set himself up as a Guru Mentor. I just simplu quietly listened. Later on he subtly tried to Suck me in to working in a group with people he chose (his power team setup…not my own…I only do my own Setups and plan drawing if I embark on a Venture. I always pilot/Commandeer the Ship). I refused to work with the people he tried to set me up with as I personally did not like them all around. He got irrate with me subtly over a period of time.

But my personal opinion on all of this stuff is…it is none of my business to stick my nose in someone elses business and be worried if they think they are a god or anything. I could share something and the person either likes the idea, or in the real world they will do something like disrespect and shoot down the idea, and then turn around and try to do the same thing openly (but mostly secretly) even though they are not the originator of the source of info or power (just like the individuals mentioned above), where at that point I have to kick him (or her) off my throne. =)


Yeah we’ll find them in all areas of life, no matter which path we’re taking or profession we’re practicing. Human nature I guess, like what Uncle_AI previously mentioned :slight_smile:

I agree with your conclusion and decision, I started to do the same thing these days :+1:

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Yes it seems common reaction.

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I just wanted to say that I hands down agree with everything about not being a dick to other people. Like that really is like my one rule with people “don’t be a dick” and you would be amazed (but probably not) at how many people f that up!! Like it’s so simple!

I’m a very patient easy going person so if you have pissed me off you have done something just really wrong! It’s like getting a carebear to a murderous level. Seriously how did you make that care bear come at you with a knife?

I mean socially wrong. Like socially when someone says “Hey how are you?” Most people don’t respond with a “f you” back

Maybe if you don’t want to talk think they’re too chipper or annoying you ignore them

So the energy vampire idea of if you’re not feeding then you get more of these a-holes makes sense to me. As I said energetically I’m new to the idea of feeding off people at least conciously so logically it would make sense if I wasn’t feeding enough. Probably just on an instinctive primal subconcious level of do this or die? Do this or get sick? I don’t know what happens if a psi vampire doesn’t feed.

For the anemia I’m sticking to iron pills. No blood for me

Just no thank you

I do like my steak rare but that’s as far as it goes

Yeah the people who are in the vampire scene just to be cool and feel authority to mow others down is exactly why I’ve never seriously considered this as a possibility for myself before.

Only recently am I opening up to the idea

This is even after I had other vampires literally come up to me and tell me I was a vampire too and that I was born one which was rare (at least according to them I don’t really know). This was years before I would find out anything about my dna test.

This did freak me out a little because I actually believed them. I did NOT feel human when I was a kid. I literally felt like some alien forced to fit into a society that was just fundamentally different.

But you could also call that puberty and what it’s like to be a teen who doesn’t fit in

Then they wanted to see my teeth and I was like this is weird please don’t ask to look inside my mouth.

Like even if you’re convinced I’m a vampire and I’m telling you I’m not wouldn’t it strike you at all as a little offensive to ask to see my teeth? Seriously (I do have pretty pointy canines that I would like to pretend were my vampire teeth but didn’t take this seriously. Also they are apparently and ironically too pointy to wear vampire fangs for halloween)

When I found out I was related to Vlad Tepis I did not have a “that’s so cool I’m a vampire reaction” My reaction was “Great our family is already dysfunctional enough without throwing vampires into it. Let’s not tell dad he’s already weird enough this will just give him ammo for the whole we’re vampires and werewolves thing”

As a side note my Dad has always felt more connected to his werewolf side

Which again I still can’t believe that’s even something I would ever find myself saying but that’s my dad he’s never been what you’d call a typical father

Sometimes most of the time I wanted one but that’s not who I got

I’ve come to embrace it

How long did it take you guys to develop a feeding style through practice??

And can you clarify by what it means to have junk dna on both sides? Like some people who would never identify as a vampire could still have vampiric dna?

Or vampires are basically just people? This is what I go with. I can go outside just fine I have a normal sleep pattern etc

So I’m starting to think being a psi vamp is still pretty human

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heck, i´m a beginner when it comes to magick and even before i came forth to this path there were already a bunch of normies hating me even though i´ve never talked to them, it sucks but we have to deal with it

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Yes, because I have spent literally all my life refining myself philosophically so that I can always be right, while my peers have been busy getting laid, watching movies, or play video-games all day.

Now, more than a decade later, I have become so refined in my methods that I am extremely rarely wrong, and that vex people to no end.

It is all about their short-comings, and while some know better than to challenge me, others lack the most basic wisdom and constantly get in the way.

The basic human and the ascendant can never live together, as the former will always hold down the latter, and they will grow to resent each other due to that.

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Well…when I began my path back in October, none of my friends accepted it. They resented me for it, demonised me for it made “jokes” telling me to “repent and be baptised” all because I told them I was a Norse pagan. Eventually in January they asked if I practised witchcraft and I said that I did to then eventually telling me “you’re in a cult” 24/7. To the point I was borderline, insulted by what happened next. One of them was “meditating” and doing this with a smug ass smile. Kundalini work has nothing to do with the Norse path!!

Arguably yes, Kundalini work helps on all paths since you open up to all the energies around you and resonate with your own energies as well but that’s a different topic. Point is, they were being disrespectful twats 24/7 and when I told them about a spirit lover of mine-who I made out to be real because they’d think I’m nuts! They just went on a tangent on making sex-jokes about me and my best friend to eventually making weight jokes about my spirit lover.

The straw t hat broke the camels back was when they were pretending to meditate and being very disrespectful “telepathically” telling me “Don’t be a norse pagan” as a joke and all that shit. So most definitely yes, people will hate you for what you do but know this, don’t let it get to you. You are doing what you want to do, don’t let others tell you that you can’t

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There was a point where I was invited to a party by one of the assholes-never went to it. Basically telling me “if she doesn’t show up, you’ll never hear the end of the pagan jokes” and eventually, through meditation and work-I knew that if my spiritual lover ever had a host/vessel whatever you wanna call it and I brought her over to the party, he’d do something stupid. Because what I heard was “If he’s not lying, I’d fuck her”

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