Endless Loop Nightmare


Last night I had a nightmare while waking up for work. Short version: it was a repeating loop with the last loop including a doppelganger.
I woke up to my phone alarm, then set it back for another 20 minutes of sleep. I fell back asleep with my girlfriend on the couch lying down. It was pretty comfortable. I wake up, except im in a dream. The dream is just like real life, me on the couch with my girl, her watching tv sitting on my legs, my phone on the back of the couch charging. I sit up feeling groggy, and go to check my phone for what time it is. Looking at my phone, I see that the time reads “10418”. 1 extra number added in. I thought, what? This doesnt make sense. So I ask my girl what time it is, but she doesn’t acknowledge me. I then try to get up, but I cant move her off of my legs. I try for a while, telling her I have to get ready etc. I then fall back asleep (in the dream). I wake up again (still dreaming) in the same scenario. This time when I check my phone it says something like “#//¥¡” for the time. Random symbols. I ask my girl for the time again, still no response. I try to get up again, still can’t. I fall back asleep. I wake up. This repeats several times, for what felt like forever. Each time I checked the time it would always say something that made no sense. The final time I woke up, I checked my phone and thought to myself “that isn’t right. This can’t be real, it must be a dream, because maybe in a dream you can’t tell time.” (I have no idea if that’s true or not, but that was my dream selfs theory). So I look at my girl (nickname is Fifi) and I say “Youre not Fifi. You are not her. I know you aren’t Fifi.” She then morphs into a hairless orange male humanoid-creature with a slightly triangular face and an upside down head. He’s holding my legs so I can’t move. He tells me “Ill kill you while I wait for Mom to get home” (he was referring to my girlfriend as his Mom). I move to attack him but cant really get at him. For some crazy reason I saw his ass and shoved my finger in it and twisted it around thinking it would hurt him, but he laughed and pinned my arms down. I began controlled breathing exercises and was about to go into a spoken banishing to get rid of him and wake myself up, but he covered my mouth. He told me that I couldn’t speak so I had no power. All I could do was continue to control my breathing, and I smiled and shook my head to make him think he was wrong about me not having any power. That’s when I actually woke up for real to my girl saying “wake up wake up babe wake up”. I yelled at her “STOP IT!” Thinking for a moment that I was in another dream loop and she was the evil orange fuck. I quickly checked the time on my phone, apologized and explained, then got ready for work. Any thoughts?


Maybe it is a sign. Maybe it could be a being that you created as a servitor unintentionally. Maybe it is your son in the astral realm. That is why it called your girlfriend mom. Have you been with any succubi? It could be a child that you got from it.


My spiritual interactions are always very professional and to the point, and I haven’t had any with succubi. I don’t have any children, and my girl and I go to great lengths to ensure that we won’t conceive lol. She has a daughter and neither of us want any more. As far as my girl goes, if I believed in love Id say she was my “true love”. But as it stands she is the best relationship ive had by far, treats me great, sex life is great, we’re happy never fight, have much in common etc. She makes me happy.


Interesting visions. I can identify the demon that is harassing you as Valac. The dream interpretations and other events indicate he will try and cause you confusion, time and delay regarding your schedule and events.

Valac’s color is orange indicating as he morphs from your dream into another entity that he will disrupt your relationships. Valac is fond of childish forms and play. Evoking him for baneful works is popular.

Burn some sage, center yourself, and focus recite the following:

Valac, baneful spirit, listen unto me, swiftly and affably, unfrightening and known to me, recind yourself and visit on my attacker times three, times three.


It is the opposite for me. I wish to have hundreds of children.


That makes a lot of sense, just now leaving the college I was planning on attending. Went there this morning to register for classes only to find out that the system is down and wont be up for an unknown amount of time.


I also have a relationship with a co-worker that was good but has gone sour out of nowhere in the last 2 weeks. Ill definitely be doing some cleansing and banishing when I get home. Thank you.


@statuenation your welcome. Valac also plays havoc with your smart phone and computer, be prepared. Focus on banishing snd shielding.


What a dick. Thank you again