End Relationship with Succubus

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hi everybody, I’m still have to share this and wish to have someone who will able to give me clear picture of what is happening or what I should do, how my relationship with ( Lilith or her one of daughters, succubus ) came into existence. . because I have no idea, I mean no idea how she came into my life. i just don’t like how I’m making out in dream most nights, sometimes during the day when I took a nap & waking up to semen in my pants, it’s so embarrassing and annoying. I don’t know what she actually want from me. or maybe she like me? I didn’t know,:man_shrugging: but if I could have someone who can communicate with her to know what is it exactly, it will pay if it required. It usually happen in my unconscious mind during sleep. but I know there must be something that connects us together. I want to know this, or maybe I should build a friendly relationship with her, that she will help me In many way as someone suggested? Please help!!

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What do you want from the succubus? Do you want to banish her, or start a relationship?

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I want to banish her!!

Then contact Lilith, she might help

Okay thanks, but do I contact her, please can can you Kindly give me the complete guide, don’t want to make a mistake and sometimes scared :worried:

I don’t know how you can contact her, maybe practice lucid dreaming to talk with her in dream, or summon Lilith

Meditate on her sigil with your intention to call her or to come get the succubus, if it’s from her children of not you reach out one of the other sisters.

@Hanky1 I would suggest doing a thanking and parting ritual as to end things on good terms. So you would state that you thank them for coming to you but you are not ready for this type of relationship and that you are releasing them to go back home.

Hey man ? Have you talked to Healing Heart lately? I made a new profile and lost his contact. If you speak to him tell him Chris said hey and give him this new one please.


Hey brother (sorry to derail) I PM’d you

If you can kindly pm me, let talk more,I don’t how to pm you lol, thanks

Brother man. No idea what you talking about. If you can emphasize or pm me, I’d be :blush: thank man!

Thanks so much for this, but How do I do this? If considerable, No idea, kindly put me through

if you like I can watch it tonight

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Hey man, how you gonna do that ? Talk to me

if i have your ok i will ask one of my spiritual guides. he gives me the information what to do. and then they usually release the connection. very easy

Who you got tattooed?

@Hanky1 you don’t need much just a black candle and offer your spirit a glass of red wine. And speak to the spirit as they were standing right in front of you. Thank them for coming to you and explain that your just not ready for this type of relationship and that you are releasing them to back to return to there home realm. Then thank the spirit again and say blessed we met and blessed we part farewell. To end the ritual.

Greats, thanks man. I will trying this and get back to you, but what is her day in a week ? Monday or Friday? And is there any specific incarnation I suppose to say ? Before calling her or when I finished?

Incantation you mean?