“End of times””

Okay so a lot of Christians I know, including family, have been claiming there are many signs of “the end of times” when their god is supposed to return and what not. But like, a lot of them are talking about it?
It just made me remember what Koetting was saying awhile back about the coming age of Lucifer, perhaps it’s connected? Say, Christians are seeing how more and more people are leaving Christianity in society, or sensing the change.
Does anyone else believe in this?
Personally I’m pretty set on the idea because Lucifer had kinda told me abt it but I haven’t rlly seen anybody bring it up on here


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They are all dreamers, for when that end shall come they would be awake. It will catch them unexpectedly.

“When fire rains down from the sky, mankind will reap what it has sown!”

For now they are preaching it here and there: end is near; end time things. If a dog barks, they say, oh end time signs. But when that time shall come they would already be saying there is no end so that this saying must come to pass:

“Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

A thousand year to come, the end is no where near.

For the Demons are yet to take over again. And mankind are yet to reap what they sow.


Hm well I didn’t mean a literal end of the world? I meant the end of an age

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Can you come clear, please? I kind of don’t get it.

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Yes of course @luxfero

People have been talking about an upcoming age of Lucifer where instead of Yahweh being such a prominent god in the world, Lucifer will be. (Him being “casted down” by god of Abraham symbolizing god of Abraham taking on his age in society and Christianity being so prominent)
And the age of Lucifer is being evident because people are no longer stuck in that old toxic mindset of the past and now people are actually wanting equality and not shunning people because it’s “sin” like how the Bible claims.
Like my family was talking about their “signs” for the “end of times” being shit like, freedom of marriage and less people being Christian, like, stuff that. I could go on of course. I’m seeing the Christian “end of times” where “god comes back” just a twisted interpretation of the age of Yahweh falling

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I think this is closer to what will happen onto anything Christians think.
The apocalypse is coming but no Spirit talks of fire and good or bad souls. It’s more of humanity becoming unfettered and ascending.

Personally, I don’t think it will be a fire and brimstone kind of thing but you know some people like to overreact.


I can agree with that pretty completely. Heck. It’s even been feeling more like fall lately (I felt it a month ago)

Also I see people and work with people directly on a daily basis, as a cashier at a fuel kiosk. And more and more people are going insane. To the point that many who are daily customers are forgetting how to use the pumps or their loyalty cards after years of using both. Seems like the only people staying sane are those like us.

Furthermore I can agree with the age of Lucifer thing too. A few weeks ago I was scared and nervous to evoke him and then 2 days ago I did. And today I feel happier than a long time. Cleaned more in my house than I had in a long time and felt happy doing so (despite back pains that had been bothering me recently.) And I feel a safe protective cloud over me like I’m surrounded by a cloak of light. But when I was a Christian as a child I felt fear and horror. If a bad storm or near tornado was about to happen I thought it was my fault. And I would beg and plead to “God” that I wouldnt sin anymore if it went away. That is no way to be.

So definitely. It’s the end of a religious era.


Yes I completely agree!
I grew up in a Christian/ Jewish house and it was the same, always so fear driven. But whenever Lucifer is around it is such a wonderful presence full of peace.

A big reason I dislike Christianity is because of the blind faith and fear tactic. They worship this god because they are afraid of consequences of not following him. I don’t even like the idea of worship, like I respect and honor gods, but the only one I worship is myself cus I’m stuck with me forever


Yes I completely agree with that. Christianity has interpreted it as this big chaos destruction dooms day but rlly it’s a misinterpretation (another one of their fear tactics I presume) as you said, it’ll instead be an age of acention.

That’s what I meant here:

They have once reign here but they were sent packing. And they are coming, running so fast, to stand their reign again as in the days of old.

It’s during their reign that men learnt about different sex style, and what they called ‘Ass worship’.

During their days, some of this demons came to live on earth like men. They offer the children of men riches, power, sex, love, anything they want. So whoever comes and seeks initiation would bow to this naked man like creature with horns ass and kiss his ass hole - ‘ass worship’.
What is technology? Hahah they taught men everything we are seeing today in their days. They were and are and remain the advancement in technology till today.

But they were sent off by some higher power and some cults. But they want to return back that old days…where the demon would live on earth here as man and work things out.

I’m thinking where the likes of Lilith and her daughters/servants would be…

That day is fast approaching. But not near at all.


Not near enough so true, but we can keep pushing it that way.

Yes exactly! You put it better than I did.

A shame we can’t get to that day sooner, I’d love to live in that time

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What you folks need to take into consideration, is that there are other perspectives than those of demons and Christianity. Every culture has myths about the ending of the world. Most of them are metaphors for an age where the world is changed radically, almost always for the better. Look at the return of the ancient religions and spiritual systems. People are running away from Christianity in droves and not to atheism for the most part, they are going to older belief systems. As a whole, the fastest growing religion(s) isn’t Islam, but the ATRs and people are also looking into the occult in much higher numbers than even five years ago.


You are absolutely correct.

There have been signs like trumpet sounds. However according to the holy bible scriptures, there will only be one trumpet sound and then believers will vanish in the “blink” of an eye. So far, we have not experienced billions of vanishings so quickly and there have been much more than ONE trumpet sound. Christians are anxious and forgetting the actual descriptions of their own scriptures.

This is one of many examples. I personally believe that mankind will create every sign of the end and do a massive extinction of more than half the population by killing of the christians and Muslims. Possibly Jews. It is a theory though. I don’t hold it as fact

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I can agree with that. I dont worship myself. But the one I do worship is Mother Earth. Because this is our home and life here.

And I can tell that working with and learning from Lucifer is going to help me greatly. I can already tell because the day after I evoked him I still felt his presence lingering in our house. And then my boyfriend acted out and was being very verbally and emotionally/mentally abusive to me. And what he said hurt me so badly that I hid in our bathroom and cried until I made myself sick. But suddenly it’s like he was smacked with sense because he isnt being abusive and is helping around the house out of nowhere.

I think Lucifer witnessed his abuse (which is frequent) and helped stop it. I cant exactly concentrate on what I need to when I’m being bullied daily.

That said. I would have never gotten help from the Christian God and every Christian I’ve ever brought it up to either throws it in my face by saying it’s my fault for choosing him. Or just ignored that anything is happening at all. They never help me. Including my parents. But my atheist best friend, who just had been through having total body paralysis and has to be on meds just so she can move. AND is without money due to paying bills is ready and willing to drive her beat up car to me at any moment to help me.


‘‘End of times’’ - Believe me , time doesn’t end itself. It causes others to end. Your statement is an oxymoron .

Personally, as long as nature was good, I wouldnt mind at least 3 billion people vanishing in the blink of an eye… People are becoming more like termites every day. It’s bad. That situation would help a lot.


It will be a better place. Less corrupt. So i agree with you @anon48957109