"End Of Days Radio" Interview With E.A. Now On YouTube

I was annoyed to have to miss this when it was live, due to prepping for the 9/11 thing, but it’s just been uploaded (direct link):

E.A. Koetting X Albert Taylor | EODR 115

34:30, are spirits “real”? Then into using a ouija board.

43:00 talks a caller through some experiences that she found upsetting, this is really cool - he advises her how to set some boundaries.

59:10 - results more important than flashy manifestations - something for newbies who don’t get a 100% solid manifestation to take to heart! :slight_smile:

Fun stuff, 1:38:00 long, the recording on YouTube kept glitching for me, so I downloaded it. just mentioning that in case it happens for other browswers/whatever.

It says the video is no longer available. Can you post a link?

This forum’s a bit screwy, it should be fixed now but I edited the link in as well, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=079o6cSa_AM

I was craving some of Mr. Koetting’s wisdom. Thanks Lady Eva :slight_smile: