End all future relationships

There is a spell I’ve seen on this site called ‘Kiss of Death’ where one of the things it can do is break up a relationship/have no new relationships form. I’ve been searching and maybe I’m not using the right terms but are there other spells/curses for this? I know I could try something to break up a current relationship but I want to ensure no other relationships form/or they fail in the future. Hence why this is in handful magick instead of love/relationship category. I’m thinking it’s more of something that’s a constant work in progress to make them unappealing to others or to mess with their thoughts and make them not want another relationship but I’m unsure.


Im not well versed on this type or curse/hex but something equivalent would be to ‘cross’ or ‘sour’ their love life, making it where they cant keep a lover or attract toxic/unstable partners, just basic all around shitty luck in love

Maybe there’s a demon that can help with it!!! I know there is I just can’t think of their name(s)

I posted that ritual. You can use candle spells for anything. Change the colour of the candle, dress it with corresponding oils, add a sigil or spirit or intent, a hoodoo jar or voodoo doll… or just a candle. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you wish. And they work for any purpose or desire. Easy and effective.


Thank you for the response :slight_smile: I’ve been reading a lot, and honestly there’s just so many different options for magick(I’ve looked at sigil, candles, evocation, dream magick…) that it’s a little overwhelming in making the right or best choice. Going a little more simple is probably the better route, initially atleast.


Exactly. More complicated doesn’t always mean more effective, in magick. You can get mind blowing results from a simple ritual. I highly recommend candle magick or sigil magick ( the same process just different focal point ) and I’m sure you’ll get positive results.

EA Koetting’s YT channel got few effective candle-sigil rituals, check them out. He provides detailed instructions about how to perform each one. I would suggest his candle magick spells to start, then you can try sigils.

There’s a video about a love spell with candle magick in his channel. One of the best explanations you’ll find about candle magick and how it works. You would spend hundreds of dollars on books and courses to get anything close to what’s in that free video.

Good luck :+1:


I actually watched my first E.A video today, for some reason I was a little hesitant. But the Blue Ray meditation vid was wonderful, and i’ll Be sure to check out his candle/sigil magick vids since I’m a bit more drawn to those. Thank you so much☺️


Fun fact: you can evoke in your own lucid dream you’ll be able to fully see and hear them!!

That’s crazy! I’m having a hard time dreaming (or rather remembering them) still. I wanna get to the point I can lucid dream tho!

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Practice dream recall with a dream journal and google WILD, DILD, or FILD. Also there’s herbs that help with lucid dreaming like mugwort and guayusa tea. Good luck! @Frickit96

I’m for sure gonna go get some of that tea, and if it’s alright i’ll Let ya know how it works. I’ve always wanted to lucid dream but years of smoking weed with very little dreaming put that on pause. Thanks so much for the help :slight_smile:

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Aww that’s great!! Just know that the herbs alone won’t induce lucid dreaming it will only help you a little bit you have to mix the herbs with lucid dreaming techniques. Anyways good luck on evoking the easy way!! @Frickit96

Same advice,
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You’re right, they are about essentially the same questions, I guess I was just looking more specifically for inciting cheating in one of them rather than just a general breakup spell. I realized that would be more heartbreaking than having them part for reasons unknown. You are correct tho, and i’ll Look more into just taking advice and reading what I can. I’ve gotten good advice on my posts and just through reading. Thanks.



Glad i could stop you from running in circles,
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