Encrypted message

I just posted something about demonology books. While I was reading one, I felt an energy around me (I know how to feel them because I’ve worked with pagan gods before). I started to put attention to this entity and it said to look at it, so I did( just with the left eye). It was a tall black entity, it showed me something: first there were two humans with goat heads, they had sex and a crow was born. This crow flew and ate a whole whale, and turned itself into a dragon. Then I tried with the other eye and I saw: again two humans but now they’re heads were crows. They had sex and a worm was born. It sucked the energy of a lion, and turned into a monster. Then I heard “loamb power” “loamb the true goat” I asked what that meant and it said: “ask” so that’s what I’m doing.
I think it might be an encrypted message. If someone can help me I would truly appreciate it.

Yea that’s a pretty in depth message there hope someone can give you some clarity but honestly I think who ever does will be getting told by a spirit what it means