Encouraging hit and run to hand themselves to police

My friend was hit by a car last week and is critically ill in hospital. He’s not in a good way and there is still a possibility that things won’t work out well for him.

It seems that he was left for dead on the road. Some individual knocked him off his bike and then carried on with their lives without giving a second thought to whether or not my friend was alive or dead or how many people’s lives would be affected by this.

That person is living their life, going about their business as if nothing had happened and that is not right whilst my friend has had to undergo major surgery and may not recover fully. That person may be acting as if nothing happened and thinking “Phew I got away with that and let me just get a bit of paint - it was only a cyclist - bloody nuisance” or “Great, I didn’t get breathalysed” or “I didn’t get caught without insurance”.

My friend isn’t reckless or stupid - he’s not feckless or an idiot, he’s not a mamil or vigilante cyclist - he was simply trying to get from his home to the train station to get to work.

I’m not going to reveal what he does but it affects a LOT of people and he makes a HUGE difference to many people’s lives on a daily basis - he’s a worthwhile, useful and wonderful person - and someone ran him over and left him for dead. There is not one person I’ve spoken to who has said a bad thing about this man, even before this - he is a genuinely good person.

The police are trying to find who did it; the perpetrator isn’t forthcoming - I am going to do some work but with whom?

I’ve worked with the great Andromalius before but I am not sure if he would be the most appropriate as he has a tendency to deal with stolen items. I’ve looked in search to see if there was anything similar but couldn’t find anything. I feel most comfortable working with Goetic spirits so I’d appreciate any assistance or thoughts on which one to try.

Thank you in advance.


Have considered invoke EL Roi
God who see with a direct appeal to send angels both to heal and cause guilt curse person

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Ya know … I’m actually thinking Lucifer.

He “illuminates” situations. Try calling on him to shed his light on the situation that the truth may be revealed.

That’s just my idea.

I hope you get Justice for your Friend.


I would say Belial since this is abuse of power and he can destroy people for that, if he’s someone you would consider working with on this?

This person has literally acted as though their possessing a car made your friend a subhuman, they have abused relative power and physical laws of mass, etc.


@JezebelleMoon and @Lady_Eva Thank you to the two who read and took my thread seriously - I will consider Lucifer and Belial. I had considered Andras, Glasyas Labolas and Andromalius or to take it to an extreme going outside my usual group and into E A Koetting’s territory.


Lucifer is a god of justice, call out to him, Belial as well, but i get the sense bune might be of assistance :thinking:


Why would you say Bune? Because I was getting that idea too but couldn’t place why.

Thanks by the way.

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Why Bune?, Let’s just say a bully at work got into a massive car accident ,not requested her, Courtesy.

Many often only think of Bune as the deamon of wealth but he also can reveal any truth as well as command the dead.

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Looking up Belial, as much as he could be helpful I really don’t want to get into the sexual aspect with him.

My issues are that I don’t want to connect with perpetrator, I want to keep my energy clean and only for my friend, the Beloved, my husband and myself - it’s hard enough giving the energy out to my friend.

I tried to connect to my friend’s HS and I got some things from him, I have an idea of the vehicle, the make, model and colour but not the driver. I couldn’t get the registration - all of this is pie in the sky at present because I can’t prove it. I’ve told my husband about the HS connection and various injuries sustained which we’ve now had verified.

The friend is wondering why I’m the only one connecting to him, simply I’ve figured out how to do it - he’s tired but he’s slowly waking up, he has a hell of a headache and I seem to have some of his pains in the same places, so that’s interesting. He’s very bruised and out of it.

By the way I don’t have any erotic or sexual interest in this man, he is someone who is deeply respected. He’s said he’ll attempt to remember our conversations and help me out, I won’t hold him to it.

All I want is for him to be able to face the person who ran him over and ask “What made you think you could leave me for dead” - and that the law as it can prosecutes that person to the full extent it can given the tariffs it can impose which at this point are possibly nowhere near what I feel they should be given that this is our friend.

If they are not prosecuted by mundane law then clearly other entities need to judge this individual’s actions. Panic and shock are one thing; dishonesty, lack of remorse and leaving someone for dead are completely without any moral fibre and need to be dealt with.

Friend has woken up, is breathing alone and is slowly recovering but still very ill.

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