Encouragement For A Friend

Hey guys,
How the HELL do you motivate a person when you tell them the glaring (harsh) truth of a situation and they still take your words out of context and misunderstand you??
I know I say pretty fucking harsh shit in giving advice to people, and I make sure i explain my intent to them after i do (sometimes), but how do you wake a person up who cant be woke up by truth! Who KNOWS the reality of the situation, but…idk stays stuck in spiritual bondage.


Some people are just like that. Words can always be twisted. At least it’s better than you hiding the harsh truth through a sugary lie. That way they are their own demise.


Oh i know the feeling well, especially when you know the advice is channelled by a higher power and they either ignore it or do the opposite. If they continue just say you are no longer giving them advice because you never listen or you misconstrew what is said.


My sister has autism and she is very emotional, nosey and hard-headed. I can’t tell her anything. She just takes everything out of proportion and goes off at the least little thing. Me and my mother try to calm her down and gets even angrier saying that we’re trying to tell her what to do. Then I have to apologize even though I didn’t do anything.

Find out what their values are.
If you’re motivating others by what’s important to you and not them then you’ll fail.
If you motivate them by what they value in the mode of communication that they respond to then it’s easier.
The I’m being real with you/say it like it is/ Truth hurts way only works for some people. Others are more encouraged by praise, kindness and more indirect methods.

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