Encounter with Satan or impostor?

So this is not my Encounter but someone I know.

She said she dreamed Of Lord Satan, he came to her and told her who he is.
She said he showed her pictures of him self in other forms.
When she tried to speak and she could not however she said she was pushing the feeling towards him that she is protected by god.

Then right away she woke up and she was levitating off the bed up to the ceiling and then she came crushing down on to the bed hard.

Anyone got any thoughts? Can this be Lord Satan or an impostor? She said she felt scared and didn’t know what he may wanted to do to her and now thinking about it she wished she would have confronted this being.

I think this could have been Lord Satan because he is powerful enough to lift someone off the bed.
And an impostor may not be this strong.

But I am afraid that she may have insulted him by accident. She never done magick and she is very new and she didn’t know how to react and somehow from her subconscious mind thought back about the religion believe that god has her back.

Now if she insulted Lord Satan what can she do?


King Paimon told me “do not let fear paralyse you. Rise above and ascend”
Stop worrying about imposters. If you are worried call on Lord Yeesch and then call upon Satan and ask him yourself? How are we suppose to know. Generally if you fear about imposters one will show up!


Also, in my opinion it could have been a test. For example. I was working with Lucifer. Lucifer is a great teacher and told me “trust has to be earned” that same night I forgot all about that statement. Me being an ex Christian got confronted by a very powerful demon that wanted to kill me and tried too. I felt his energy piece my astral body and he screamed in my face with a voice like thunder and his face which had multifaces going in every direction connected by astral energy “YOUR GOING TO DIE” I felt my heart slowing down he told me he will make my heart stop. I felt light headed. He was laughing. I thought about calling on Jesus to save me but instead I trusted in MYSELF and I did the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram while he was trying to kill me. He departed and I cleaned the whole house. Lucifer told me the next morning it was all a test and trust has certainly been earned. I didn’t trust in Jesus I trusted in myself and the powers of darkness. I command and creation obeys. I am god. Lucifer then taught me many things. If I didn’t trust in myself that night I would have died.


That’s pretty cool! I got a similar test idk by who but I failed. All I know is that this being came out of the closet above me and it was so intense and darkening the whole room darker than a pitch black darkness and it was so hateful towards me and I felt so threatened so I called Jesus and the being backed away.
Why? Because I was deep in religion and I was brainwashed well and I didn’t know any better.

Oh well :man_shrugging:

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You are only a failure if you don’t get back up when you fall down.

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I had underestimated my self and let my self fall.
I am climbing up slowly and surely out of this filthy hole I fell into.

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Do a path working with Lucifer

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Idk about that. I am not ready.
I dont feel a call to him like I once did.
My intuition tells me to do my own thing on my own and not get other spirits involved.

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Satan/Satanael from my experience would not really be offended by insults, now attacking him maybe but insulting doesnt do much.

It’s good to be wary of imposters but most cases imposters can’t or dont pull through with their threats or help.

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