Encounter with an entity

Before I begin, I should point out that I have not performed any evocation of any entity before, which makes this experience much more mysterious for me.

Last night, I was sleeping relatively soundly -I am a light sleeper anyhow… At about 4/5am I awoke to the strong feeling of another presence in the bedroom, to the extent that I jolted up in bed. The air was cold but stuffy, it became harder to breathe -but this could have been adrenaline. I felt something pushing down on the bottom of my bed, And I could almost make out the ‘dents’ appearing in the bed sheets. This did startle me if I’m honest, so I moved my feet upwards towards my stomach at which point I heard what sounded like a low laugh or growl.

Strangely, I felt remarkably calm during the experience -aside from being startled, that’s when the fun part happened. The entity began to speak -at which point I could see a black mass of sorts where it was standing, it just stated “we’ll talk again soon”. After he had finished talking, I said “thank you for coming, but I don’t feel ready yet, I respectively ask that you depart”, to which he chuckled and nodded. During the whole experience I was getting an intuitive “vibe” about the name which I had an extremely strong feeling that it was Baal. I also could have sworn I heard him whisper his name as he was disappearing, but I could have been mistaken because I was in a very drowsy state.

It could very well have been a dream, but I disnctly remember waking up and I did do “dream checks” to make sure -which all lead to the assumption that I was awake. The only thing I can think of is that I entered the tgs when I woke up, almost in the same method as sleep paralysis. I had been thinking about the prospect of evoking Baal recently, so it would make sense that my intention drew the entity closer, if not Baal then I would assume it was a familiar or servitor of his -or a lesser demon under his command.

I’d be interested to see if anyone has had similar experiences with entities, or if they have evoked Baal and what happened.


It sounds like a real visitation to me, my experience with Belial (posted here) was along broadly similar lines except it began as a dream, and then transitioned into a waking, and then trance, event.

But I think you got a solid contact, and he used the liminal state between sleeping and waking to make it clear to you that he knows you’re interested and will come when you summon him - which is no small thing! :wink:

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I had a similar experience this morning actually, check my thread on distinguishing reality from euphoric disassociation. I just posted about my experience in that topic. It’s not quite the same as yours but it may help to ease your mind that what you experienced was REAL and not a dream. The spirit I encountered, or God, I think may have been trying to reach me for a few days now because something has been waking me up repeatedly trying to communicate with me but this morning it caught me in a different state of mind, I guess? and finally broke thru to me and I was able to hear him speak.

I literally jolted up out of bed hearing him state his name in a loud and stern voice that rumbled a bit but sounded comforting at the same time and I woke up immediately repeating his name out loud.

Funny advancement, I was trying to remember what else happened during the experience -being in a dream like state I was worried I forgot important parts. I remembered waking up and having the urge to scry -didn’t specifically remember which method but I improvised, so I assumed this entity wanted me to scry it. The next morning (yesterday) I ordered an obsidian scrying mirror on Amazon, which was said to come on the 9th of March -about a week or so away, which I was annoyed about because I wanted to make the most of this opportunity…

Well, I woke up to find that it had come to house this morning -a whole week early…apparently the company decided to despatch it early…this could of course be a very lucky coincidence, but I thought it was worth sharing because I essentially laughed to myself out loud when I opened it.