Encounter with a Demon?

So, i was just wondering what are your experiences with demons. Have you actually seen them is human form? Or felt like your in danger from their presence? I think I had an encounter with a human possessed by a demon…or something else. I cant be sure to be honest. So this is it.
I went to buy some groceries and had some flirts aside with the girls at the store, then I went outside. While I was looking for my keys to my car a woman aproaches me. She was skinny, dressed in white and had stunningly blue eyes. Ahe was somewhat cute, in a weird way I guess. She came to me with this psycho smile, looked me straight in the eyes and said ‘I know who you are…’ and than called me by the name only my closest friend and not even parents know about. She had this vibe about her. Even before I saw her, I felt like I could puke. My heart was beating super fast. She felt like it had something supernatural about her. I just want to ask you guys. Was it a demon who wanted something from me. Or an angel. Whatever it is. Have you experience something like that? And if so how do I kill it or bind it if it comes back?


I guess my first question would be if she has that strong of a presence, could you summon her?
If so I’d suggest calling upon Raziel to reveal who she is, you don’t need a name for her, just the memory of her appearance and the feelings that were associated with her meeting you.

She could be just about anything from a person possessed to somebody who’s just extremely skilled or an entity who holds what you need to advance. It could literally be anything, take precautions to protect yourself but no need to bind or kill without knowing what you’re dealing with.

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Rely on your instincts if she feels dangerous avoid if she doesn’t maybe see if you meet again… but from my experience people that have come to me from the gods have always had a warm and casual feel to them…. not “Psycho” feel to them…