Encounter in Persephone's Domain--

So I’ll try to make this brief.

Last night I entered Persephone’s realm. This time it was a vast hall with a few pillars. There was a black cold river running past me and dissolving into a lighter opening across from me. Oddly, I heard persistent child’s humming/vocalizing and then I saw a girl of about 6-7 years old, at the juncture where the river disappeared. She extended her palms and the river started flowing towards her, i.e., in the opposite direction. It was like, ‘Look at what I can do!’

I asked her who she was, to no avail. She definitely felt like a far more ancient entity, a kind of messenger or guide. I asked her to give my petition to her queen and she agreed to do so for a silver coin. Which is interesting because I just read that Charon demanded a coin in order to ferry souls across Acheron and Styx.

When she disappeared, the gentle vocalizing was still resonating in the stony place.

Has anyone ever met a similar spirit?! Who is she?

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It could of been Persephone, when I use to project to meet Erebus for “spars” he would take the form of a child, it was his way of if he “won” it would be a sort of mind game thing.