Enchanted Flower Seeds?

I saw on the Creepy Hollows website “enchanted” flower seeds for sale. The enchantment is suppose to bring the gardener “GOOD LUCK, HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS & MANY OTHER WONDERFUL LIFE BLESSINGS” while other seeds are suppose to attract fairies to you garden.

URL: [url=http://shop.creepyhollows.com/product.php?productid=2522]http://shop.creepyhollows.com/product.php?productid=2522[/url]

What do you think? Is that possible or a clever gimmick?

I think the whole site is a scam.


  1. I’m in the preparatory stages for utilizing divination in order to pre-select seeds for specific characteristics in one of my plant breeding projects.

  2. Based upon my experiences as a horticulturist, fairies will be attracted to any well-tended garden. And be sure to thank them regularly for their continued presence.

  3. Maybe that old tale about magic beans has some validity after all.

Do let us know how your plant-breeding project works out. I work as a lab tech for a plant breeder. I’m eager to see how things work for you.

Jesus Christ … creepyhollows … don’t even get me started. My IQ drops by about fifteen points for every minute I spend browsing their catalogue of fairie rings, talking masks, and unicorns in a box. You’d have to be a twelve-year-old girl or have been born a dribbling retard to take that place seriously enough to buy anything from it.

[I]Do let us know how your plant-breeding project works out.[/I]

Due to financial considerations a great deal of the research must be kept proprietary.

But in terms of the initial winnowing down of the seed lots, my plan is to consult one (or more) of the Goetic Spirits known to share their knowledge of botany and herbalism, to learn if they are interested in assisting with the projects, and / or overseeing the divinations.

The goal of stage one is to reduce the 12 seed lots from 1000 seeds per lot to the 100 most likely carry the traits I’m seeking, without having to conduct field trials and record observations on all 1000 plants.

I’ll certainly be willing to report on my experiences working with the Spirit(s), and honor their names, unless they request otherwise.

On the initial question of your thread, there are a number of Elementals, Fairies & Spirits who can be consulted should you have questions regarding plants, their magical properties or how to influence them magically.

Some cultures ascribe magical / mystical properties to plants. Whether they’re real or just a placebo has not yet been proven scientifically. A few years back I grew a bunch of Holy Basil for a Hindu Temple. They hold the plant in very high esteem, but I didn’t pick up on any special vibes from it.

I had an idea for using cress in a spell, it’s more sympathetic magick but it’s very fast growing (and also edible, I love it) - idea for cress money spell. My life got really busy right after that with other stuff so I haven’t tried it yet, but will at some point.