"Enchanted aura" ? (blessing?)

Krhm…Aura might not be the right word, but words are running away from through my fingers when i’m trying to explain what i got curious about.

Would anyone know a good spell for… How could i put this in english words… To “enchant a day” or give me an enchanted aura for day or couple, sort of that wherever i go i would draw -positive- attention and everything would go smoothly.

Here is another silly explanation for what i mean: sort of like in a game or movie a main character drinks magical potion to gain enchanted abilities for a period of time, that’s what i’m looking for before i go somewhere i would have “heightened stats” basically heightened everything from physical to mental, even luck. an “Aura of positive glow”

Anything that would help, even a little would be nice of course… I was just playing with the idea… I obviously like a permanent change better than such short period enchantments but this would be in handy when it comes to situations where if gift of wisdom is not with me i might drink too much or something alike ( no need for being smart ass and saying " just don’t drink" that was an example, and anyways yes i will drink sometimes )

basically a blessing to get the most positive and good out of a day or event.

Just curious what do you guys think about such, or do you leave it to spirits and chance ?

You probably have an idea, symbol, colour, or word, you associate with luck - I do.

If you do, visualise it splling from a chalice into you, and heaped piles of whatever you like most growing at your feet as a result.

If not, Jupiter, Mercury, Hathor, Lakshmi, and others are all associated with lucky breaks.

Disclosure: I can do object luck, where I want some thing and get that thing easily, we can do long-term money, but not instant cash, I’m crap at that, so take this for whatever its worth. :slight_smile:

Yeah sort of although i associate these colours and symbol with other things too, does anyone else get that green or yellow might be quite lucky colours ?

Although since you mentioned Lakshmi i think doing a mantra might be good one.