Empowering an amulet

Hello everyone :), today I have a question for all of you…it’s possible take the power of a spirit of a god(demon) and put it in an amulet? I know that’s possible but how? The spirit is captured in the amulet I don’t understand…and how I can do that?

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Hi Finiz, I placed the powers of the Olympic spirit of Mars into an object. Heres the tale………………Theres a beautiful area of gardens near to my home, which were frequently getting vandalised, or abused by children as they made their way to and from school each day. I love this place and decided to try and protect it magically from any unwanted attention.

I took a small pebble out of the area in question and placed it in my triangle after setting up a circle. My intentions were to evoke ‘gelahp’ as he is a mighty warrior. Take note, I’ve reversed his name here as I’ve been instructed by another spirit to never speak the names of any entities I have connection with until I am ready to work with them.

I evoked the spirit of Mars and asked him to place his energies into the stone so that it would offer a protective barrier around the gardens. When gelahp came through, he stood at the back of my right shoulder. He bent my back as if pushing me forward and pulled my arms back………….it was an immense experience as I couldn’t see him like I usually see evoked spirits, he just took over my body. This was the first time I’ve had this happening to me but I thought it was amazing.

When the tension died down, I told him the story about the garden and how I would like him to place his essence into the stone and he shot red energy over my shoulder into the triangle. I then thanked him for his help and dismissed him before placing the stone in the garden that evening after the ritual.

I woke up next morning to a strange type of urge pushing me to retrieve the stone and bring it into the house so I did. Now get this…………….gelahp then asked me to pick up the stone and dance with it to a certain tune, the music he choose was Guns ‘n’ Roses, you could be mine!!

So here I was, dancing in the living room with the music blasting out (curtains closed lol), he told me to hold it in both hands and raise and direct as much energy into the stone as possible before replacing it back in the garden.

You know what Finiz, I swear to you now, no one as vandalised that area since last March 2014. School kids go past it as usual but none of them have degraded it since. Areas close to the gardens have still suffered minor abuse but all in all, it was a successful working.

Just to add to this, in the early stages of the ritual, I tend to go through consecrations before starting. As I was doing this I saw a mighty warrior running down a spiral staircase, I was informed later on that this is the ‘Tower of Babel’ so i guess that somehow, gelahp is connected to this old Babylonian structure?

Placing the item on their activated seal and asking the spirit to infuse its energy into it works. Talismans with seals on them are a little different. You can adapt methods from the Key of Solomon (the one with the planetary pentacles) for example.

Here is an example of something I am doing. In my practice with a specific spirit I always wear a certain ring.The spirit is a Hindu/Buddhist spirit that appeared and communicated it’s name to me during a mediation I was doing. I did research on the spirit and found some mantras related to it and it’s tradition. I got a ring with an image of the spirit on it. I wear the ring everyday when I do my mantra work with that spirit.

I can also put on the ring and carry the spirit with me if I feel the need to. The ring acts more like a focusing tool than a storage device in this case.

As for putting a spirit into an object, savodonger and Euoi’s methods are similar to what I have done in the past.

  1. Be clear what you want, and why you want it
  2. Ask the spirit to charge the object, or send a familiar to dwell in it, etc. depending on how you plan to use the item.

The spirit may ask you to do use a specific method or item, etc. An example of this (in addition to what savodonger mentions above) is when a spirit mentor told me to make an amulet to wear. I was to carve it into a specific shape out of wood. I had to write some specific symbols on it ‘While it was burning’. So that took some thinking and planning on my part.

Questions are the key that unlocks the door of knowledge.

I always follow spirits direction in conjunction with the rite. I learnt all this from my Vodoun period. Acts like this intensify the procedure and customise it directly to the intention………This builds trust, rapport and an overall better result occurs because of it. In certain aspects of Vodoun, the spirits instruct you to build a house of spirit (Atua) and this builds up with immense power. If ever I wished to charge an amulet, object or sigil I just had to place it in the Atua over night and it would take on a charge ~ especially when I wrapped it in a scarlet cloth.

How true this is…
The act of asking questions to either yourself or others initiates the process to receive an answer

A question…it is possible use something, for example a rock, put the energy of a spirit place the rock near his house to influence and destroy a person?

Yes. But it’ll work better if the object’s essence is closer to the destructive energies required. So, you might wanna soak it I some baneful wash.

Thanks Euoi…i work in front of the person that I wanna destroy, but the problem that I saw is that he is only there during 6 hours, me too, so do you think it still working?