Empathy: useful occult ability, or tragic vice of kings?

So, when I say Empathy, I don’t mean sympathy, or merely trying to step into someones else’s shoes and trying to understand how they see the world, I mean actually feeling their emotions and even sometimes thinking their thoughts.
So, I have tried multiple times to block people out. I can sometimes, to some extent, but I have a real hard time blocking out close family members, and also people in close physical proximity to me. It has basically ruined my life.
I tried living in a city apartment as a young adult, it was only 3 stories and housed 11 other families. After six years, I was basically non-functional. It didn’t help that my husband’s career made him very upset.
I used to think that I had every disorder in the book. Eventually, I clued into the fact that, yes, I was picking up other peoples emotions. I enjoy places where most people are happy like amusement parts. I notice chapels where people have spent a lot of time praying. On the other hand, the negative stuff is way to intense for me, and basically can make my life hell at any time, while many other people either don’t notice it at all, or barely even notice it.
It has also made it hard for me to sometimes separate out my emotions from other people’s emotions because I can feel them.
Sometimes I envy people who can just commit cruelty to people, and make them miserable and not feel misery of any sort.


Yeah, sometimes I wish I was able to selectively turn off my empathy, but sociopathy has its downsides too.

“People with no morals often considered themselves more free, but mostly they lacked the ability to feel or love.”
–Charles Bukowski


I have extreme empathy to the point of not being functional too. The spirits helped me with this, to create better emotional boundaries with loved ones. It is possible to feel more separate from other people.

The bonus of having this intense connection with others is that you can feel when the magick is working on them :slight_smile: I have done rituals to help loved ones and I can feel their problems improving.