Empathy Spell

Can anyone lead me towards the path of an effective empathy ritual. There is a certain narrcisist female in my families life that is destroying relationships. I’m looking for a curse or ritual to make her feel all the pain and sorrow she has caused to certain people. Any details would be much appreciated. I have 3 tons of emotion to fuel this with and would post the results in a show of gratitude to any / all that could help me with this endeavor.

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I had an issue like this for years. I tried a honey jar spell. I burned a candle every week for months. It did nothing for her behavior. I did 2 mirror spells. They didn’t work nearly as strongly as I hoped. Some people are just horrible inside.
Cursing works for these people though… They might not ever care but they can feel pain. That’s my only advice.


Thank You for your response.

I also tried binding a few times. Also didn’t work how I wanted. She never actually harmed our livelihood, but she did cause nonstop mental anguish from her threats.
I was actually just thinking about this, what I should have done differently.
I am pretty sure I stated that she may not cause me mental harm but clearly it did nothing. Perhaps because my mental state is only in my control…

For someone like her you could bind her repeatedly. Keep binding her mouth from speaking ill, from making threats. I bound candles with her photos on them but if I did it again I would make a poppet for her and keep working it and working it. That way you can also send it pain whenever you feel it.
You could also cut this person completely out of your lives so they can’t harm anyone. Maybe make them move far away…

If you like sympathetic magick there is a spell with a cow tongue. Cut it open, put items of the target inside (photo/property), sew it up and freeze it. Don’t ever unfreeze it until you want the spell to end.

If none of those things seem like an option (like if you love this person or people you love depend on them or you don’t like cow tongues) you could channel your pain to their heart whenever you feel it, or whenever they cause pain in someone else you must become the other person and send the pain. Holding something of theirs while you do this might help too (hair, photo, etc).


Look up the TIMASOI ritual online for slander and gossip.

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Thank you HH.

Just an opinion, but I would bind her behaviour, rather then trying to make her feel bad. Saturn to bind, do venus for empathy, to encourage her to be empathetic in a seperate ritual and jupiter to defend those people she is harming

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Thank You lustmagick.