Empathic Experience?

Well to give background knowledge, my job was robbed twice in the same week, both during overnight shifts, when I was absent. There’s this female coworker that runs front counter that was there. I talk to her every now and then. Anyways, she was directly threatened, etc and was traumatized.

Last night I walked in and ordered. At first it was fine. But I began to eat. Then my stomach tightened. The food was fresh, so nothing was wrong. I got a little dizzy. I felt sick to my stomach without being sick.

Come to find out the ambulance came within minutes of this occurring and she was having a panic attack.

Any thoughts? Could I be an empath?


Nobody is an empath. It’s really that a person is in-tune with the energies of other beings and can interpret (sometimes unconsciously) what they are feeling from the energies they are giving off. Any significantly developed practitioner can accomplish this without much effort if they are properly attuned.

As for the ‘natural empaths’, some people are just naturally sensitive is all.

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