Empath Spirit Attachment Issue

Hello. I’m a telepathic empath with a serious spirit attachent issue. It’s making me crazy. The usual cleansing and uncrossing work hasn’t worked. I’ve never had to do more. This thing mocks me while I’m trying to cleanse. Any suggestions?

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Pick it up and throw it out of your sphere of influence, like a bouncer at a club.

I box them in with thick black Saturnian walls and throw them through the heart of the sun, which is a portal to the black hole in the galaxy’s core andv destroys them. (But only in this universe.) It’s one way to send the message that you don’t need to be messed with.

But you could be lenient and just chuck them into the next star system if you like. Or any realm that resonates for you and you don’t go much.


There’s another option. So even if you send them away, they eventually could could come back. Might not fuck with you, but can still creep. So when you pick up rouge spirits it’s a challenge. I was at antietam and a young girl was there, brought her back to the house, unfortunately she was sexist, didn’t show it until it became problematic. When trying to convey that what it was doing was more harmful than helpful it got frustrated, started lashing out. So I had to eat her, took the body, dropkicked the head back where she came from. Even if she comes back, im now in possesion of the strength she would have used. Kinda like trap neuter release for cats. Haven’t seen her since. Best of luck!

Days are getting darker so to say…

There are beings that have fallen from sphere of unconditional love, and they are lovesick now, so they try to latch on emphats, or beings that they can get unconcidional love from, learn to close yourself from these, and do openly tell them that you dont want this relationship to happen.

you should have spirit, who you like to empath with, and always when this unwelcomed being comes to you, to lower your conciousness by negativity and vampiric tendencies, you should get contact to your chosen spirit so you dont have to “spend” time under this lovesick beings influence, you know, just take your conciousness of that annoying creature, and stay on higher sphere of happiness, with your chosen spirit

Thanks! It just gets to be so draining!