Emotions and magick

I have a pretty stoic personality during, to my fatalistic upbringing therefore it’s hard for me to stir up my emotions enough in magick. Any thoughts?

Most people are ridden by their emotions like a poor dumb horse is ridden by a human with spurs and a whip - if you’re not, use whatever your own strongest drive is, probably reason or rationality of whatever.

I’m not sure exactly how you’d harness those but you’re not lacking anything, you have the same strengths wearing different guises. Willpower alone will stand for heated emotions in many workings, I’ve found, and there are some things I work on where strong emotion just doesn’t exist.

If you use your analytical mind to develop your willpower, performing acts of will of whatever kind suit you, then you’re building that muscle up and can use it behind the magickal workings you do.

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I run into this exact same issue frequently. I rarely get emotional over things, even when I am intentionally trying to inject emotion into something such as a magical working.

This is an issue that I’ve been trying to figure out for a little while now. If anybody knows of any good practices or ceremonies that make it easier to bring emotions to the surface, I would like to know about them.

I think this is a great thread as it highlights a point worth mentioning which many people may struggle with. I can give you various exercises here that will start to condition your emotions to respond more to outside stimulus.

Obtain candles that will give you an entire spectrum of colour ranging from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet…I would also include pink, gold and silver in this collection as these colours are also important within our exterior and interior world in which we experience life.

Now light one of the candles and look at its colour, just let it wash over you and simply let whatever feelings and ideas surface regarding this hue that you’re concentrating on. Allow your mind to sink into the candle, immersing yourself in the colour and letting the emotions start to build within you.

see yourself (in first person mode) floating in this sea of colour as you lose yourself in the candle flame. Once this has come to a climax of energy, hold the candle in your left hand and with your imagination, see the colour going up your arm and into the chest area where it starts to intensify more. Keep doing this extraction of colour from the candle until your chest area is absolutely full of this coloured energy that is now powered with emotions that represent this colour.

For example, if using a red candle, it may make you feel sexual and full of lust, it may excite you physically in many ways or stir your anger. Colour is a magnificent medium for the emotions as we have associated outside elements and their colour with our emotions many times since we were children, so coloured candles can definitely excite these ideas and feelings within us again, colour is a great trigger response for our feelings and tactile responses in general.

So to follow on then with the example, hold your right hand now over a glass of water, or place your dagger into the water and let all of this colourful emotional energy go into the water and then let it stand for a while.

(As you breathe in, let the energy draw inwards and as you breathe out, let it intensify ~ likewise to release it, breathe outwards and as you breath in, let it stabalise itself)

Now go back to the water and drink it letting your mind become aroused and stimulated by this charged water. If the exercise is done accordingly, you should start to recall all those ideas, emotions and feelings again as the water has absorbed all of the concentrated energy of your thoughts through the natural chi you placed into the water.

Really live this exercise in your mind and let the imagination control the proceedings allowing you to become emotionally aroused by the water. This is a great way to re-establish yourself again with your own emotions and how they become stimulated through various external and internal elements.

Go through all the colours and record what you thought about and how you were feeling at the time as then you will be able to arouse various emotional responses within yourself again any time in the future by simply washing yourself with specific colours.

I do similar things with tarot cards as I know the deck very well so I suck up the energies with my left hand from let’s say (the tower card) and push this energy with my right hand into a chalice of water. I then spray the ceiling, walls and floor of my temple with this powerful destructive energy to ritually cremate the entire room of all accumulated residue and build up, which occurs through magical practices. By doing this, my emotions are exercised very well indeed and within the process, I totally purify the room of any unwanted aftermath.

So there you go, you can use colour or as just mentioned, other symbolic mediums such as the tarot to stimulate and direct your emotions better, which will help in the execution of your own practices and greatly improve your ritual experiences.


For me personally, emotion doesn’t even come into it. I’d imagine emotion would help a mage focus there intent more, but for an experienced magister this would be somewhat of a non issue.
I’d say that not being able to rouse strong emotion is a good thing as ypur judgement or focus isnt clouded at any point.

In my experience with limited emotional reactions as well, no I’ve never needed to “feel” during a magickal ritual. It’s not really essential, to be honest. Mostly I would be either stable or stunted, so to speak, but I went through a period of time where I could feel my emotions in their entirety. That shit was crazy.

I wouldn’t recommend that one, to be honest. I went out of control for a while and while I got results, I couldn’t keep control and then I had way to many results- which wasn’t desired. I would suggest seeing a therapist first before tapping into the deep emotions of things.

This is a very interesting thread indeed. Many practitioners will swear that injecting emotion is very important to getting good results. But apparently that is not the case. At neploth and Kenneth, would you say that strong visualization and imagination skills are what give your magic power?

At Savodonger, two thumbs up for you! I will be using the candle meditation that you described.

I tend to focus on how the spell is actually going to work: the mechanics behind it. For instance, if I was to summon a storm I would research the ideal conditions and focus on creating those. So, personally, I’d say a good understanding of what exactly your doing is the most important. Another example would be understanding what part of the brain is responsible for certain thoughts and knowing to channel your magic directly to it, if you wished to cast a manipulative spell.
It’s not so much what you want but the steps in between that matter.

developing the emotion, the desire for results from your magick could be considered an early step in a magickal working. Develop the desire and let it be released during the ceremony… then go eat, lol.