Emotions and Frequencies of Vibration (Or Just the Ramblings of a Mad Woman!)

Hi All,

I was hesitant to post this, as I realise it sounds a bit, erm… weird lol. But this is something I’m really interested in and hoping to hear from anyone who has similar experiences/thoughts.

So, currently, the subject that I am trying to gain insight on, is the issue of – I’m not even entirely sure how to word this, but here goes- different frequencies of vibration (or the different layers of reality, as someone else on this forum has referred to it) and how this relates to emotions, and more specifically, the strange, vague and almost nostalgic emotions that are evoked through art (visual art, music etc).

I’m not sure if the above sentence makes much sense, but hopefully the example below will provide a clearer explanation.

So, as an example of what I mean by ‘the strange, vague feelings evoked through art’, when I look at an image that appeals to me , let’s say a painting or illustration depicting some sort of epic fantasy landscape (that’s the sort of thing I personally like), it very often stirs up an emotion within me that is very difficult to put into words. What I mean is, in addition to feeling a sense of appreciation for the technical execution and creativity of the particular artwork (an emotion which, clearly, can be described in words), I also feel a strange sort of ‘nostalgia’, a feeling as though I somehow know this fantastical place, as though I’ve been there, and a sort of weird, vague, longing to be there again. I realise this might sound crazy, but this is honestly the closest I can come to explaining it in words. I assume that other people feel similar things, but I’m not entirely certain that this feeling is in fact universal, or that everyone experiences it to quite the same degree.

It’s the same thing with music, particularly certain genres of music, and I would say that the feeling is even more intense for me with music than other art forms. When I listen to a song that I find appealing, I again experience that nostalgic feeling, that ‘otherwordly’ feeling.

So what I am trying to find out is, what, exactly, are these elusive feelings??

Previously, when I believed in a Neoplatonic cosmology, I felt that these emotions were a sort of gateway to higher realms; that we are temporarily glimpsing a higher/more blissful plane of existence when we experience these intense emotions. However, I’m no longer certain what I believe anymore in regards to the nature of the physical plane. A few weeks ago I started a thread on this forum regarding the nature of the material universe, and some of the responses I received from other forum members really got me thinking. I am now at a point where I am least willing to consider that perhaps this isn’t the ‘shittiest’ plane of existence after all.

Anyway, whatever the truth may be regarding our plane of abode –for the time being I’ve filed this under the ‘I don’t know/to be investigated further’ folder in my mind- I believe that within this physical plane there are different frequency ranges which we as humans tune in and out of. Apologies for sounding very New Agey, but as an example, I believe that emotions like fear/boredom/frustration have a very low vibration. In contrast, more ‘positive’ emotions like joy, excitement, fulfillment etc have a higher vibration. So with regards to this subject, I feel that the emotions I described above are somehow related to these higher frequency ranges, since most people would probably agree that looking at a beautiful piece of art, or hearing a beautiful song, has the effect of instantly lifting one’s spirits ( the nostalgic feeling isnt at all negative in my experience, its actually intensely positively).

Also, something else that occurred to me is that the images dreamt up by an artist’s imagination (or anyone’s for that matter), do in fact ‘exist’, so to speak. As we all know, mental images become thought forms on the astral plane, so even the most ‘otherwordly’ scene depicted in a work of of art IS real in a sense. ( I just want to add, that I am not able to AP yet, so yes for me this is all theoretical at the moment; do correct me if I’m wrong about anything I’ve just mentioned) Anyway, my theory is that when we look at said image, the ‘living god’ within us instinctively knows that this scene is real, that it exists, at the very least, as a thought form on the astral plane. That would explain why it feels ‘familiar’ to us.

Then lastly, but certainly not least, I want to add some info that I believe was chanelled to me from Goddess Isis. A few days ago I was giving Her an offering of Sandalwood incense, something I’ve been trying to get into the habit of doing regularly, and I decided to meditate on this subject of emotions, vibrations etc. An image of The Eye of Horus popped into my head, which lead me to think about the function of the third eye and it’s role in psychic perception. This then, in turn, lead me to think about the concept of a ‘6th sense’ and it was then that I intuitively perceived that emotions are a 6th sense- an additional way of experiencing energy. After all, isn’t that what our 5 senses are? Each sense a different way of experiencing energy? If emotion is a 6th sense, it would explain why some people immediately like the ‘vibe’ or ‘atmosphere’ of a particular place while other people feel uncomfortable in the same surroundings (even though both may find the aesthetics of the place pleasing), in the same way that, for example, I love the taste of chocolate yet I know there are people who can’t stand it (madness, I know lol!).

I hope that at least some of what I’ve written above makes sense lol. Would love to hear from anyone who’s got any thoughts on the matter, or even if you’re just curious about this like I am, so we can ponder over it together :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had the same feeling sometimes… Mozart, some scultpures, paintings, even architecture, I think I know what you mean.

My opinion, which is maybe a bit pretentious, is that certain art is a direct channelling of the most divine forms of inspiration and that it’s that “higher” state we yearn for.

I formed this opinion when I began to use shamanic journeying and realised that, although the realms I visited didn’t look like grand works of art (though some are beautiful) that same feeling of “otherworldly” nostalgia was the same.

I could absolutely be wrong, but no, you’re not alone! :slight_smile:

Yep! Paintings, music, sculpture, architecture (old buildings in particular), anything artistic or beautiful can ‘set off’ these feelings for me lol.

Yeah I think that sounds very plausible- the idea about some art being a direct channelling of the most divine forms of inspiration. That would explain why classical music seems to set off this feeling quite a lot- it’s often thought that the classical masters were ‘divinely inspired’. For me I find more minor (as in key) classical pieces to do this, but that could just be down to personal taste.

Well whatever it is, I feel it’s definitely a higher ‘something’, and yes yearning is a good way to describe it. I will be doing some more meditating on during the next few weeks and report back if I find out anything interesting!

It reminds me of this - The Golden Ratio.

Ah yes- I completely forgot about The Golden Ratio!

This just reminded me of something else too- how these ‘states’ relate to the different types of brain waves.

I had never really looked into the subject of brain waves until I heard about TGS. I still don’t know very much about the subject, but I wonder if these ‘higher states’ are related to Gamma brainwave activity? not TGS, but rather a sort of prolonged Gamma state (if that’s even possible- like I said I don’t know too much about the science behind it).

The reason I think this is because, when I’m in one of these ‘moods’, my creativity really seems to peak. This is when I write the best guitar riffs and lyrics, poems etc. Also, perhaps this corresponds to the ‘rapture state’ that EA talks about?

This is something for you i guess:


Cheers for that!