Emotional Puzzles- Overcoming Enemies of Magickal Ascension

Please Note: If anything seems off about this post today, I did not get hit on the head by a falling anvil. Just bear with me. I am not alone in typing this post but the source well, he likes to create challenges and fancies himself a bit of a puzzle maker. After I spoke with a few people on some recent issues they have been experiencing, a certain spirit decided to step in with this response. And no, it’s not King Paimon.

I have been treated so poorly by people I trusted over the years that I have learned to become void of all emotion. I am able to laugh and enjoy the little things in life but with other people, I have no emotion toward them until they do something to cause a reaction in me like angry or happiness, but until then, I approach everything with an “I don’t care either way” attitude.

Why? Because I really don’t care at this point. I am so sure of my abilities that I know things are going to work out in my favor in some way, so there is no reason to become preoccupied with how I feel about doing a ritual or how I will feel if it fails to work, because I have no thoughts of failure. Read on first, before you start calling me a stuck-up bitch, there is a ulterior motive here.

So at this point in my life, the only thing that sways me is other people. Which is why I have trained myself to approach everyone with a mutual show of emotion and attitude. When people look at my face, they are always confused because they cannot tell what emotions I am really experiencing and when they try to guess, their answers are always wrong. I guess you could call me a chameleon with my emotions.

I have no reasons to doubt my abilities because the more I delve deeper into my magickal path, the more evident it becomes that what I am experiencing is real. I have long surpassed the days of counter productive thinking, wondering “IF” this will work. To me, there is no IF anymore, there just “IS”. You may be thinking to yourself right now, okay is she being vain? Again no, It’s one thing to be vain but It’s another thing to be sure of your abilities to the point that you stop doubting yourself. So in this sense, there is a huge difference between being a vain self-righteous bimbo, and simply being self-confident.

It took me some serious tweaking to the hard wiring in my brain to become this way, make no mistake about that. It did not come naturally to me or come over night. I literally had to work my ass off for quite a few years to reach the current level of calmness and self-confidence I now have. I have been down to the deepest pits of despair and to the highest of highs, with no middle ground that seemed reachable to me, it was always one or the other for me like my mind was telling me “sorry no improvising, choose one and only one!” So I had to outright battle with myself to overcome a lot of my emotional problems but once I tackled those, I found my magickal issues I was having seemed to vanish along with my emotional problems.

So do not think for even a moment that my life has been all rainbows and purple glittery unicorns on clouds made of Lucky Charm’s cereal. I could write a novel on the hardships I have faced, so I share this heartfelt post with you for good reasons. No selfish motives behind it.

Magick is strongly linked to emotion more so than most of us would care to admit. We’d rather blame our failures on a demon failing to keep his promise or give up all together and say magick is not real and I have been tricked like a fool but in reality, the number one reason we face so many problems and challenges with magick well, the key to that answer lies directly behind the eyes of the magician. So here are a few quotes I shall part with.

“The eyes are the windows to the soul”


“your thoughts are like weapons”

Take these quotes and meditate on them for a while. Some of you will understand exactly what I mean by this while others may need to do some inner soul searching to get to the core of real implication at hand here. But it’s something important that needs to be addressed and it relates to the previous post I made about the law of reversed effort.

Everything I posted about here today is actually in some way directly linked to a handful of my last several posts, like a series of hints that could end up helping some but I was only instructed to post this here and let “You make what you make of it”. Sorry if confusing or if annoying, but if you get anything out of this post at all, then you will understand it’s something that needs to be discovered for the self, like a magickal obstacle of sorts that every true magician must overcome.

Thoughts on this?

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[quote=“RavensAscent, post:1, topic:5874”]I have long surpassed the days of counter productive thinking, wondering “IF” this will work. To me, there is no IF anymore, there just “IS”. You may be thinking to yourself right now, okay is she being vain? Again no, It’s one thing to be vain but It’s another thing to be sure of your abilities to the point that you stop doubting yourself. So in this sense, there is a huge difference between being a vain self-righteous bimbo, and simply being self-confident.

It took me some serious tweaking to the hard wiring in my brain to become this way, make no mistake about that. It did not come naturally to me or come over night. I literally had to work my ass off for quite a few years to reach the current level of calmness and self-confidence I now have.[/quote]

Thank you.

That’s really hard to get across to people, especially when they’re 50% not sure magick is even “real” and then throw a wobbly when it fails to work overnight, or think other people are only getting results from “luck” or whatever.

I too have worked my ass off, done major amounts of work on myself, and taken huge fucking risks to get to the level I have, and then to see people throwing their toys out the pram when the world won’t spin in their index finger like a basketball overnight, well.

I’m not singling anyone out here, but it’s hard to convey the assurance I have that magick is real, and that it works, when someone wants the same results virtually overnight. Even the footer on this page carries the caveat, “personal success depends on your work ethic, so results will vary.”

Thoughts on this?

You should be writing books, and reaching more people. :wink:

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Thank you Lady Eva, you had some good points too.

Honestly, I don’t where these posts of mine come from. It’s like something takes over me and just starts typing for me while still allowing me to voice my own opinions, and then an entity pops into my mind and so I call its name like “is that you?” and they answer. But I will say that I have a very strong lifetime pact with Lucifer and he is free to come and go within me when he pleases and he does so on occasion to help me if I need to get something out and into the open, but I still have control over my body and my thoughts. That’s my number one rule, no manipulation of me while inside unless he is manipulating me by placing topics and areas of study into my mind or telling me things to convey to someone.

And after I submitted that first post, I got permission to go ahead and tell you all that Lucifer is the one who told me to write this topic but I cannot describe the exact details of what he and I are presently doing, but just know that he has a good reason for invoking himself into me. I promise, this is not some delusion I am having.

Anyone who is a hardcore occultist that has worked with spirits who wished for them to keep things somewhat secret, will understand me when I say, trust me I am not going crazy here but I promised to keep some things secret. And you will also understand this; Then the magician feels weird because they can only share so much information with others since they promised the entity they would keep some secrecy, but the missing information they are not allowed to post about may be the details that would keep others from thinking them to be mentally unstable. Sort of like that.

Nevermind, I am confusing things more. Some of what I posted is coming from me and some of it is not. But when I do connect with a spirit and link up with that entity, the bond becomes so strong it’s like they and I are one at all times, even when they are not present before me. This is why, I have only chosen to work this closely with a select few entities as a bond this strong is so amazing it is indescribable to those who have never experienced it for themselves, and that’s not something that should be taken lightly or shared with just any ole entity. For my own safety, I would not want to form such a close bond with a spirit who is intent on harming me or using me for their own personal gain. And since, once a connection is made between me and an entity our bonding link becomes inherantly strong, I do not wish to share such a bond with dozens of spirits.

I imagine that would become overwhelming and tiresome, possibly draining your life force til there is nothing left. Now I will admit that I chose to work with Lucifer and Hekate of my own free accord, but King Paimon, Astaroth/Astarte, and Bastet sought me out. They initiated contact with me first. And lately, the name Ipos is coming to mind more and more, not sure why but I am going to find out.

Something I do find fascinating, and this may just be me rambling like an idiot, I may be wrong here on some of this but I find it odd that I am now realizing, so far all of the entities I seem to be most close to are those are supposedly in league (I am using that term lightly) with Lucifer. King Paimon is said to be loyal to Lucifer (and he did confirm that to me today, that he and Lucifer do work very closely together). Astaroth is also said to work closely with him, reporting her findings to him but I’m not sure on that one. Hekate, not too sure about her either but I have read in several instances that she is said to work so closely with Lucifer that many have believed she was a female form of him or possibly even an unknown consort of his? Does anyone know if Hekate is linked to Lucifer in a history books or grimoires? I have not yet asked Hekate about this.

As for Bastet though, she is an Egyptian goddess so I don’t think she fits into this grouping unless there is something I am missing. I have studied a lot on her and have never read anything about her and Lucifer. Does anyone know if they have ever been known to associate, or not?

I think what most of us miss is that when something doesn’t work, we need to find out why. As has been mentioned elsewhere, most of the time people will say that magic just doesn’t work, or they blame it on the entity they summoned, but its like baking a cake. You put all of the ingredients in and follow the recipe, but when it comes out of the oven, something is missing, its not the cake you thought it would be. So, what do you do? Blame the recipe and the person who made it? No, you go back and figure out what was missing, or what you maybe did wrong. Find that, correct it and try again. Eventually you will get it right and have a yummy cake. Too many people blame everything else when they should be looking at themselves for solutions.

I see so many magicians on a daily basis just wanting to rush into things like evocation, baneful magick, astral travel, etc. and I cannot express this enough, that you cannot take these things lightly. I know there is a definite rush of adrenaline and excitement when contemplating on evoking your first entity or finally getting that revenge on the guy who keeps messing with your girl at school, but rushing never accomplishes anything. It only leaves the magician wondering days later “did this work?”.

And messing around with magick and evocation completely blind sided is not safe. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could accidentally throw the course of your current life path off balance and end up harming yourself in long run. It’s like I was posting about earlier, you did not learn to read or write over night. You did not master riding a bike the first time, you had to fall and scrape your knee a few times first. Magick is no different. Sure, the tools for magick and the intent may there but remember, our minds have been suppressed from birth to believe that magick is fake fairy tale stuff. Even if you believe it’s real, the rest of your mind still has to be trained to believe it too, to the point where you can actually communicate with spirits and see real magickal results.

You are re-wiring your brain and undoing years upon years of social conditioning and programming and that is not something that will come quickly. Yes, many of us do catch onto these ways right away and seem to be naturals at magick, but even those magicians will tell you that although the first few tries worked very well for them, they still had to work at it for years on end to get everything just right and master those skills. So all I can say to the new magicians who jump right into things they know absolutely nothing about, expecting instant and verifiable results, you are setting yourself up for failure and let downs.

Patience and practice are KEY.

I will say this with all honesty and with no disrespect meant to anyone here, I am saying this to help you. If you cannot devote the rest of your life to magick, turning it into a DAILY lifestyle and not just something you do when it’s convenient for you, living, sleeping, eating, and breathing magick, then you will never succeed as a real magician and 10 years from now you will only be able to participate in magickal discussions based on what you’ve read or seen on youtube, you will not be able to share any genuine experiences of your own because you will still be fiddling around with basic spells wondering “did this work?” or “why is this taking so long?”.

Anyone can identify as a magician just because they love the idea of magick, they watch occult based shows on Tv all the time, they believe in ghosts and spirits, etc. But your habits and beliefs and do not make you a magician, your experiences and your lifestyle do, so without real experiences and verifiable results one is simply a self-proclaimed magician with no actual magickal abilities. I have told this to many people before and the truth is, most just will not grasp this idea for themselves. Being a magician sounds so cool to them at first but when they learn there will be years of hard work and self training involved to truly become a master, they are not willing to do the work.

It’s like someone saying, I want to be a doctor but I’m not going to college for 8 years to make that happen, I’m just gonna go over to the hospital and put in my application and expect them to hire me, allowing me to touch patients whose health they are liable for, with no medical experience at all. Same thing. But as I was saying, the real truth is that no matter how many analogies I try to use (like the doctor reference) to effectively help people understand, there will always be those who still ignore the warnings and yet continue to walk around announcing themselves as magicians.

It’s one thing to say “I have been a magician for 8 years” and have the real knowledge, understanding, and verifiable power of a magician. It’s quite another thing to say “I have been a magician for 13 years” but you can’t even do a tarot reading to see if your spell worked. Not trying to single anyone out, or make anyone feel bad, we all start from nowhere. I did too, and I had my fair share of newbie mistakes that were down right stupid and embarassing to me too, but I had the drive to succeed because I did not want to keep repeating those newbie mistakes and I decided for myself many years ago, I would do whatever it takes to become a self-sufficient magician, by whatever means necessary.

So if you cannot devote that much time, energy, and effort into your magickal training, you will never become efficient. What I just said, some will listen to this advice and end up advancing very beautifully with their gifts but others will just shrugg it off because they are convinced that they are different from everyone and they do not need to work this hard to become a good magician, they believe they are immuned to hard work as if all they have to do is cast a few spells and they will have limitless power in just over a few weeks. It doesn’t happen like that. If you have that attitude, then 7 months from now you will be hiding behind a cloak of secrecy, pretending to be a master of magick but you will still be asking others “did this work?” every time you attempt to do something magickal.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions. Magick and the occult are such MASSIVELY HUGE subjects that one can never learn it all, there is always something new, so there is nothing wrong with an adept magician of 30 years asking how something works, I do it myself all the time because I see topics here on this forum and I’m like what the hell are they talking about? Then I feel somewhat stupid for asking that poster to clarify, because I do wonder at times if they will reply and say, I thought that was something everyone knew about. But that’s never the case, we all learn different things based on our areas of interest and our upbringing.

And this post was not aimed at making new magicians feel bad, there is nothing wrong with asking questions and asking for help because if you are new, you still have a very long way to go. What you need to ask yourself is, do I want keep working at this and allow my failures to guide me in the right direction, learning from my trials and errors? Or do I want to only do half the work and still be asking how to do basic things 20 years from now?

I honestly have no clue how I stumbled upon this very subject on the day that I am about to perform a major ritual that involves partial possession by Lucifer, but I am taking this as some sort of a sign (I’ll do a tarot reading in this shortly).

Especially considering I have been feeling somewhat antsy so I asked the Book of Fate whether the ritual will work (yes, I actually asked if it would work) and the answer I received was "Weigh well the probable result of thy present intentions."
I asked if it would work not because I doubt it will, I’ve just never attempted anything like it and am not sure how something like that would affect me even though I am doing it on behalf of another person.

Thank you Raven, for posting this. It’s something to think about.

Heres a TIP. This is from shamanism but is found in aspects of occult ritualistic practice and culture as well. Instead of calling upon Lucifer to possess you, wear a Mask (Magickal Tulku Personality) to Validate your relationship to Lucifer,while Evoking him (as in he is outside of yourself). You did afterall say you were doing this for someone else, but more importantly it sets the ground for SEX MAGICK which is important to empower your position, but also the energizing of the conjuration of a spirit into this world. Ever heard the term “The King and his Consort?”

I wish I had the self-confidence to be a vain, self-righteous bimbo!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist:)

Also, I concur with the use of masks idea. I have a Baphomet mask (which is actually, really, a largely-irrelevant piece of trivia…), and there are a multitude of different uses for them. Anyone into scifi / Star Trek should check out an episode of “The Next Generation” called “Masks”, I believe. It’s directly applicable and fantastically-well-illustrating.

The use is not to hide oneself as is commonly believed, and most likely due to the social phenomenon known as the “Masquerade Ball”, but rather to adopt (or some may even go so far as to say “invoke”) the essence, “spirit”, or some aspect / facet / ability / authority etc of the personality depicted by the mask itself.

It need not be a personality, of course. it could be an idea, a concept, something completely non-anthropomorphised, or, on the other hand, something intentionally anthropomorphised!

Although I don’t use them as much as I should (nor do I own as many as I should)… I really should do more of both.

I have no affiliation with the thing I’m about to mention, but they make really awesome leather masks of all kinds. It’s also where I got my Baphomet mask, cos it was one of the more affordable ones, and the simplicity of the design appealed to me (and to specify, there was no middle ground there. It was either a heap of cash and really, really detailed masks, or something really, really simple that didn’t cost much). The place I got mine was the best of both worlds.

It’s a joint on Etsy called “Nokturnel Eclipse”. Check it out and decide fror yourselves:)

Along the lines of the anhropomorphisation etc, I’m planning on getting a nice “plague doctor” mask (not necessarily from the place I just mentioned, cos I want a hella nice one that I’m sure is going to cost me a hella big invoice). The use of that mask would only be for cursing, and especially, cursing via disease. More than just the history surrounding the plague doctors, they were also regarded as harbingers of death, for wherever there was need for one, there was also enough carnage left by the plague itself to encourage the identification of one with the other.

To go off on a tangent, the aspect of “subjective synthesis” or “preparatory immersion” for a cursing ritual of this kind would be largely based on the study of the historical records, and both the factual and romantic / romanticised aspects of “plague doctoring”. Being able to “step into this role” as easily as you don the mask is critical to the mask actually having the desired effect, but the mutually-reinforcing nature of this kind of work is both incredibly powerful, and a hell of a lot of fun!

(Think the “Phantom of the Opera” mask; from a purely theatrical perspective, it’s still a phenomenally powerful experience to put on the mask and play the phantom for real, in front of thousands of people. I hope I’ve made it clear how simply playing a character on stage is different from playing a character who, by nature, is defined by the mask he wears:)

I also hope I’ve helped some, and not just hijacked the thread!!

-Yours, Tj.

I think your veering a little off course. Hou ise Personality for a reason in masks. Ill give an example.

Sunject Zero wants to go into the Peter Pan dimension and evoke Peter Pan… Well she could simply wear a mask showing a few ideas from thr movie…but it wont have as much power because One… The Mask isnt validating ones own existence within the scheme of things. The Purpose of a magickal personality is Self-Deification which is about increasing the charge of ones osn energetic particles within ones own body. So when she assunes the character form of say Tinkerbell as Peter Pans sweet kittke faery princess this greatly increases the Energetic charge. Notice I changed the relationship slightly meaning there is a hidde. Sexual impulse…this is essentially sex magick. So basically ones self-empowerment will further empower things you harmoniously relate to…such as Tinker Bell to Peter Pan.

Fyi it doesnt matter if a prior relationship was harmonious or not. You change the character details, and then give reasons to Validate that sort of relationship giving jt a “realness factor.” Tinkerbell or Peter Pan in themzelves represent a whole Paradigm of concepts and Information reflecting the entire story. This is called Symbolic Association of say INFORMATIONAL GESTALTS" of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell as Masks.

Changing the details and relationship naturally is of course practicing Black Magick I should add. Just by assuming evoking a character form that can informationally relate is more than enough to get the job done. The real trick is changing any information (Recreation of a Charactsr Profile) which is essentially the Master Skill of Storytelling that requires ingenuity… Where gou must properly on an informational level be able to Validate whatever you are doing external to you in line sith your intent. This is where psychology of occult symbology comes in handy. An example would be if you wanted to Evoke Lucifer, but stripping away all the Xian Associations which show him up as a Bad Guy that has no good in him. This requires knowledge and creativity.

This changing would in a sense act as an Anti-Virus among the collective populace mind…so you are basically designing a Anti-Virus. In chaos magick this is called Order out of Chaos where your evokation of an Alternate version could in various levels act as such depending how you evoke such a Being.

As for Masks to overcome enemies. It comes down to only one thing… Power of ones own True Will. You have to personalize your Masks (Godform) as ones True Will. If it isnt personalized it lacks true will. This is why I will always do my own at ANY COST especially to the enemy to get what I want, I will NEVER wear their COOKIE CUTTER MASKS.