Emotional healing session

Ok I’m gonna do 3 of these did one with @Aluriel the other day and it went really well. What I’m also going to do is teach you a method for releasing any energetic blocks caused by trapped emotions.
This could also actually cure illness if the cause of this illness is the energy blocks from negative or traumatic experiences.
Things like chronic fatigue syndrome are in this category some cancers were cured by this method.
Also post traumatic stress disorder.
Those who have dealt with heartache, grief, rape depression, failure, anxiety, panic, humiliation etc and can’t let go will also be able to do so.

Also you will be able to identify where those emotions are trapped. When they were trapped.
We may also discuss barriers to having fulfilling love life and getting rid of those.
Most importantly once released you will never need to deal with that emotion again and the past won’t be corrupting your present and future.

If there’s time even some inherited baggage can be released.

1.I’m only doing 3 after that I’ll try to post the method without copyright issues if possible.


2.You need a magnet.


Laith_Wavey, i would like to have the help of you, if i am not too late!^^

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Nah you’re good

Ok that’s one slot

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Yey, thank you so much!^^

I would like to be considered for this healing if you don’t mind

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That’s 2

one more slot.

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I’ll give it ago if it’s still available.

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I’m opening one more spot for this

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I’d love if you could do this for me. Im going through a tough time emotionally right now. I’m dealing with a lot of unresolved grief from bereavement and other things that I can’t seem to move past.

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Heh Lilith actually sent a bunch of you to this.
The ones I haven’t done yet we’ll do tomorrow.

Thanks for everything. I can safely say that the session had an effect.