Emissaries, Sworn Knights, Barons, Grand Emissaries

Something is missing here! Y’know what it is? It is a category giving us a place! None of us including myself have a place to call OUR OWN! We the Emissaries, Sworn Knights, Barons, and Grand Emissaries,need to have a place, whether this place gets busy or not, the fact remains we need a shingle on this place.

Malzaz Hyroth, Malzaz Hyroth, helps us get a shingle on this board…

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Interesting. I often refer to myself as the emissari of the black flame of the Igiki. That is, I represent the black flame of the Igiki to humanity and also represent humanity to the Igiki.

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You mean OAA people of those ranks?

Good point, see if anyone else who holds them adds a post here first though otherwise you’ll just be talking to yourself. :+1:


Yes,the people of those ranks.

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I just started with the first lesson. See you in eternity

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I’ll be there. I’m also trying to get a insertion in the category titled OAA Discourses and Initiations. If we can get a few positive likes and hits, we can get our own category listing. If you know any others let them know!!

Jesus…and here was I thinking that only the Freemasons and other associated RHP orders used grandiose titles like these…

Whats up Brother?
What flame did you reach?

1st Flame I’m just about done with it but like to find others who are on the 2nd or above that can answer a question about lesson one of the 1st Flame.

Here’s my dilemma, I have journaled about that lesson, if I use another magical system with that lesson, I get some results, but if I don’t use another magical system with it I don’t get results. I wonder that it doesn’t work by itself, and on its own merits as written in the lesson.

The other thing is, is it dark matter from within or is it dark matter from without that supposed to come to me from outside into me as I am visualizing the room that I’m doing this contemplative rites in.

If it’s from within then here’s the thing the purple chakra shines light along with the dark matter that is within and it’s almost like a lava lamp, of dark and purple liquid. is that supposed to be normal or is this phenomenon, or I’m nowhere near what I’m supposed to achieve with that lesson to actually confirm the first flame with myself?.!

I have came Balg’s forum trying to find out if others have thought the same thing, and maybe get some help.


The flames DO work and the Ajna Chakra (purple chakra) is working properly

Take. Your. Time.

Ever wondered if it was just your imagination? Well its there for a reason. Banish your imagination from interferimg with the lesson

And you will reap huge results

Ok I got it, thnx…

Since the second half of may i have received 3 flames. Im gonna start with third lesson of the 4th flame soon. any tips? do i command the flames during the exercise on changes i want or after?

Only you know the answer to that! Emissary. Time will tell.

Micheal W. Ford
In his book " Adversarial Light " pg 250

Said this,

Manifesting the Interior.
As you begin to describe and focus on the invocation or evocation, you will want to visualize the appearance of what is within you. If you calling a spirit to achieve a goal for you, visualizing the spirit and then visualizing the goal is a place to start.

Intuiting/Communing The Exterior
If your paradigm or view is that the spirit is literal, existing outside the self ( “do I command the flames” ) Remember sooner or later there will always be a need to negotiate the terms of service. an Offering, a Favor, a Promise, or some sort of Compensation…
I’m sure you get the point.

Good Luck

8/10/20 I’m on the last lesson of the Fifth Flame… ( Striving toward the coveted Sixth lesson ).