Emergency money troubles

In an emergency what can I do?

I’m in a really crap place myself financially and can’t help someone who needs help today - everything I can think of is several days away

They’re mentally in a bad place on top and I want to help and turning here for direction I guess… and will head into my books for things I can do.

But both practically and magick wise any suggestions are welcome rn

Summoning Eligos you can try

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Same thought as I had for this person, if things are truly dire and quick is what you what need, perhaps consider this.


Normally, I suck at money rituals. I’ve been in dire straights when posting on here before, and my outcomes have been these (until something finally worked, which I’ll share), and these were the results:

Situation: Two massive bills hanging overhead and on the verge of losing bank account.
What I did: I contacted Bune, as per the advice here (no astral senses, just charged a sigil and stated my situation and what I wanted).
Outcome: Lost bank account, have collection agencies after me.

That’s my normal experience, but I did have success once. I began working with the Greek pantheon. Specficially, I started with Athena and then added Hermes and Hestia into the mix to help me with a massive legal problem I’m having. Unfortunately, I had an overdo vet bill that needed paid in a hurry, so I asked Hermes for help with the caveat that if he helped, I also wanted it to serve as a sign regarding his help in my legal situation.

I went over to reddit’s Assistance subreddit and made a thread explaining my bill and asking for help. I also went over to the Hellenism subreddit (don’t tell them you’re here; the folks there believe any practice of magic is hubris, a terrible sin in Hellenistic Greece that the gods hate) and asked if there’s anything Hermes might specifically want, as I have the worst astral senses ever.

Turns out someone on Hellenism worships Hermes through charity and contacted me privately. Hermes is the patron of beggars, hence this mode of worship. I gave him/her the vet’s number so they could deal with them directly in the knowledge that I hadn’t taken their money and run (although they said they didn’t care if I did that because Hermes is also the patron of thieves), and the person was great. Not only was the outstanding bill paid, but he/she also paid the rest of the balance I had, even though I told them I was just looking for help with the outstanding bill.

All in all, Hermes was excellent. If you aren’t afraid to hold your hand out, Hermes just may send someone your way who will drop some cash into it.

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Say prayers to The Archangel Michael

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