Emergency money spells with no tools for beginners


As mentioned in other posts, I’m still a beginner in the magick realm and just learning in baby steps.

Also, I’m in a quite difficult money situation where I can barely feed myself. I’ve taken a look at some of the money spells on this forum that actually work but they all need me to invest in elements that I don’t know where to find or simply can’t afford.

Is there any money spell that I can perform only with a yellow candle? I can also copy sigils that appear on books and obviously have my phone at hand with me.


St. Expedite comes to mind for emergency cash situations.

They are also very easy to get started with as most saints are simply petitioned or prayed to.

Your intention to get them the message and receive their aid will direct the energy of the petition or prayer and candle.


I couldn’t recall why yellow was perfect for this if you chose it, so I googled it:


Thank you, I don’t know why but I’ve prayed to saints and angels before and it never gave me any results. Do you know what did this happen?

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I don’t know without diving deep into the details. It’s possible that the situation at the time would not have been best for you for if they granted the request amongst many things we can do as magical individuals can work against us.

I’ve been known to reject partial results or results that weren’t good enough or to be way to demanding on details or time, instead of just accepting what was given, so I know we can sabotage ourselves and the entity can just deny us, ask for something in return etc.

It’s obviously up to you whether or not you try again and give them a chance, but it did come direct to mind before I’d finished reading and I was like oh yellow candle I swear that’s right…

So my response was a gut response, but it may not be necessarily be what you choose.


Thank you, that would be a good reason why I didn’t get anything.

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I actually had hit or miss results with angels, demons and saints to start with. For a long time I worked mostly with the Loa/Lwa and djinn spirits because they delivered the most consistently for me.

I’ve that as I’ve grown the results are way more hit than miss now, regardless of what I do or who I use.

I think it’s because I recognize finally I can’t control all the fcking details, worrying about it does fck all, so I just do the work and know good results will come soon.

The attitude change/expectation change has been hard, but super helpful lol :joy:


I mentioned this in another thread:

While I don’t entirely remember the specifics, I believe the foundation of what I did was a red prayer candle, petition/supplication to Archangel Michael mostly (might’ve been some others), a sigilized intent below the candle with maybe a slip of paper outlining the goal/desire and just charging it every night as I looked for my result.

It can definitely be done with angels, etc.


Thank you!!!

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