EMERGENCY! BAD? side effects from casting protection spell on others?

Hey everyone I need some other magicians help I’m pretty new to this and people in my family are dieN and so before I attempt anthing i wanted to know if I cast a protection spell like for my family can there be BAD side effects?

Hi there,

Not sure what your family is going through physically/emotionally, but I dont do baneful magic just because I have had stuff rebound on me before. A few things in my neophyte opinion …

  1. Subconscious suggestions from symbols or thoughts or actions are seeds planted, reaping what was sown. So, subconscious can heal as well as harm, positive thinking is underrated.
  2. Someone I have talked with recently has a house where a former co-worker hung himself. Apparently there were others before that guy haunting the house, but he barely sleeps due to poltergeist activity. I suggested small non-noticable things to help clear, like a good spring cleaning, doing yardwork in the day since he gets creeped out by the thought of going out in the night, rearranging where his head sleeps to a particular direction, etc. Perhaps there is a cause in where your family is living? Try one of those to see if anything changes.
  3. Protection spells I dont see having rebound effects unless you are casting a spell against someone. Thats my experience. There are enochain deities and goetic demons as well as ones shown in EAs books that can heal. If you are experienced with them, at least the enochians angels/cacodaemons, perhaps that can be the healing process.

Just my opinion. Good luck and I wish you all well. Fuego.

Not provided it’s pure protection and NOT baneful (i.e., not attacking back).

I say that with a reasonable amount of certainty because in my “white light” days I worked as a healer, and the universal law (which can only be violated under certain circs) seems to be more life for all.

This is why any schmuck can learn a bit of reiki, crystal healing, shamanic healing, etc., and get results, whilst baneful work (especially killing) is a harder one to pull off.

So anything denying your family life, UNLESS it’s something they’ve caused and which is therefore brought to them under the law of Cause and Effect, is unnatural and can be blocked and nullifed.

Even if they brought it on themselves (you don’'t give us much to go on here for background) it can still be nullified.

But without more info I don’t think it’s going to be easy to answer. My immediate reply would be to petition your ancestors and also some angels.