Embarrassing Moments During Ritual: Have a laugh at my expense

We’re all human and prone to accidents, so I imagine those of us that have been doing ritual for any decent length of time have probably done something stupid or embarrassing at one point like forgetting our words, drawing a sudden mind blank and forgetting what we were in the middle of or what to do next, or even falling asleep during a ritual. Happens to all of us at some point but have you ever done anything really embarrassing?

Okay, time to have a little laugh at my expense!

So I’m in the middle of a ritual last night and I have to move around a lot because I’m working with multiple spirits and need to turn and face each spirit as I’m talking to them. So here I go to turn to my left, I’m deep in thought and trying to be serious here but as I turn to face the next spirit I get a sudden influx of energy overcome me, my body suddenly twitches and I knock over my damn candle and wax goes spilling everywhere and I’m trying my hardest not to laugh out of respect for the spirits with me but all I can think about is my mom finding the wax stain on the carpet and going off on me.

I’m not a teen, so the idea of my mom finding the stain and getting mad doesn’t scare or intimidate me, instead it makes me wanna laugh at the thought of her going off on one of her fits “You spilled wax on my carpets young lady! Alright, that is it…” and it becomes even harder to hold back and keep a straight face. To make matters worse, Belial starts laughing at me. He probably heard my thoughts about my mom and knew how hard I was trying not to laugh and it just tickled him I guess. So I had to chuckle a bit, then of course this triggers one of the other spirits to start laughing with us, but the other two spirits that were there were quiet and all serious and I could feel them eyeing us like alright, let’s get back to work, this ain’t no comedy show.

It doesn’t stop there. So things get back to normal and serious again, here I am about 15 mins. later, now much deeper into the ritual and things are getting more serious so focused concentration is needed on my end. Well, I suddenly have the urge to fart (yeah, I know I’m a girl but I’m human too, we all do it) so anyway I try to hold it in out of respect for the ritual and the spirits but it’s one of those that just will not dissipate and go away on its own. I’m thinking my gosh, I’m trying to be serious here but my body is betraying me in all sorts of ways tonight. These spirits are never gonna take me serious again after this, because these were not just any spirits, these were very high ranking demons and angels I was working with.

So here I was, my belly starting to hurt, really needing to relieve myself but so tense and worried that the spirits would be offended or mad that my body kept doing these things, and all of a sudden Belial chuckles, must have read my thoughts again, and he says “If you need to let one go no one in this circle is going to be offended by it, these things happen.”

Oh god, I about lost it at that point. The ritual turned out just fine in the end but I was only embarrassed because I wanted this to be serious but no matter how hard I tried things just kept taking a turn into comedy central land and I was worried I was offending or upsetting the spirits. Only one of them seemed to mind and I know I couldn’t help it, when I started the ritual I was focused and serious so it’s not like I purposefully did these things.

A long time ago when I used to do the LBRP on a regular basis I would sometimes accidentally break loose a fart while stomping my foot performing the Sign of the Enterer, which in turn probably successfully banished anything in my immediate vicinity without even having to finish the ritual. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “step on the gas”.

Luckily there were never any candles near my “asstral” plane otherwise the backdraft could have set my robe alight!

“Enflame thyself with methane!”

Here’s another LBRP one, when i stretched out my arms i wasn’t holding on tight enough to the athame and it goes right out of my hand and right through my new 160.00 dollar scrying mirror. Was not to happy about that at the time but it showed me that buying cheaper is better sometimes in the long run:)

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