Elubatel sigil or any angel that can help influence the mind of another to grant me a contract

So basically,I have read the NAP and I realized that elubatel grants sucess.
The problem is that there is an emergency contract I want to secure.i don’t know if elubatel is the right person to contact.

Also I can’t seem to figure out his sigil. Where can I find it?

Could a sigil magick with elubatel work for an emergency?

If no,is there any spirit(not LHP) I can contact to assist me secure this contract in a short period of time?

@DarkestKnight @Norski please I need your opinion on this. Thanks

I would be very careful with what you find on the internet about Elubatel. There is some really questionable stuff in regards to the Angels of Omnipotence out there so I would not use any random sigils you don’t know the genesis of. It could lead to a parasite infestation.

In my opinion, the rituals in NAP, or Jareth Tempest’s pathworkings and glyphs, are the safest ways of working with him.

If you want to use the sigil method, I would go with King Paimon instead, if you want to influence someone.