has anyone seen this elsagate stuff? weird pedoey stuff on youtube kids? I don’t have kids myself but this stuff enrages me knowing it is aimed programming towards the youth and if you haven’t checked it out then type into youtube things like elsa spiderman poop or spiderman poops on elsa ect youl see why alarm bells should be ringing


can replace the word poop with pee and you know… the same sort of crap manifests

Yup, been following it, I watched one of the videos and the background noises sounded like subliminal stuff (for actual subliminal videos marketed as such) - this guy is hopelessly lost thinking it’s “about” capitalism but his visceral reaction to the videos makes it worth reading - “Someone or something or some combination of people and things is using YouTube to systematically frighten, traumatize, and abuse children, automatically and at scale”:

[details=Relatively mild sample image]


2 things of note - these all infringe the hell out of copyright characters, and yet Disney does nothing; YouTube resisted removing them for ages, while jumping down the throats of content creators with non-liberal politics.

'Tis is a topic worthy of attention IMO.


I have heard of this shit and I am with you. parents that let kids be infront of a damned tablet to babysit for a srupid amount of time should be shamed. Youtube has shut down a few channels but more will pop up again. :frowning: it’s up to us to keep fanning the flams and put the light on this garbage.


Yes! The copyright issue you brought up is paramount, Marvel is an actual subsidiary of Disney and considering Disney would happily sue a daycare for having a mickey image painted on the wall vs this shit is noteworthy to say the least!

Agreed in all aspect.

This is a surprisingly non-sneery page on the matter, plenty of links to an array of different sites commenting on it:


I spent the last 2 days watching videos relative to the criteria and am literally baffled, mainly at the fact that there has been so little uproar. I am already on the H.Simpson vibe (ready to strangle) but there seems to have been little reaction to such depravatise. Seems big companies (willing to sue anyone over anything) aren’t suing anything over anything? 2 of their copywrighted characters, there has to be a point. MKultra projects never stopped (many ignore that fact) and we’re inhaling the results daily


So as Gods can’t we make them see? Like do a spell or two and get the higherups to take notice?


unfortunately it is the ‘higherups’ that want the children, they have notice and they wipe their arses with it.

Yeah, here’s a summary someone did:


Recurring themes that have been identified:

Childrens icons

  • Spiderman (red)
  • Elsa (blue)
  • Joker (purple)
  • Hulk (green)
  • Melefolent (black)
  • ? Orange

Shock value

  • anxiety
  • Spiders / Scorpions / Other bugs
  • Injections
  • Gore (cuts, decapitations, severed arms/legs/tongues)


  • Camera work (disorientating angles, shaking camera, closeups)
  • Irregular sizes (giant babies, tiny humans, small humans with huge heads)

Body dismorphia

  • Belly inflation
  • Streched out limbs
  • Amputated limbs


  • Kissing
  • (partial) nudity
  • Simulated pornographic acts


  • Scatological
  • Pissing
  • bondage, tied up
  • Belly inflation
  • Ball busting

Violent / Nasty / Criminal behavior is encouraged (often accompanied with laughter and happiness)

  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Murder
  • Cannibalism
  • Dismemberment

Colors tied to different identities

  • turning the brain into different colors
  • Having multiple instances of the same baby with differently colored masks
  • A girl giving birth to colored eggs out of which the respective icons are born (red - spiderman, green- hulk, etc.)
  • Headswapping[/quote]

Some more samples of the cards for these, to show the bizarre nature, nothing too explicit, just gross and VERY targeted on specific themes:

Images under this link

They’re designed to be viewed by children too young to have critical thinking, just old enough to take on symbols and process things by the emotions they see them elicit in others.


This sickens me.


this is a sickening topic, pure poison


How do we stop it?

honestly I don’t know, disney needs to be exposed/defeated and they are going to have their top J-magickians stopping us from doing those exact two things.

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a more light hearted comment though… did uyou see the last jedi? that was some bullshit


I actually really liked it. But I am also a fan of almost all things starwars. Just not the Christmas special. :stuck_out_tongue: tho I think that’s something we all can agree on. :smiley:

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I never watched it and wel probably never agree on the last jedi :wink: I was a starwars fan

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There’s a thread on related stuff here, remember if in 20 years time young adults of voting age have had this rammed into their minds, deep on the subconscious levels, this would change the entire culture and make lobbying for pedo rights, which has so far been a bit of a non-starter, much more likely to succeed.

We’re already seeing moves towards sexualising children forced as the new morality which you’re an evil bigot nazi if you protest…

This is pushed as “free choice” - kids too young to choose their own bedtime get to choose to dress up like whores, apparently, in this brave new world.

For example, this warrior for the cause of social justice sells “packers” (flaccid dildoes to be worn in place of a real penis) and markets them at “kids under 5” - something people would (rightfully) recoil from if a sweaty 50-something man was doing it, but because this person signals all the right things, they’re not only permitted but actually applauded.

I’ll put the link to her site in a spoiler, I don’t want it showing up here:

These are actual things you can buy:


The site is https:// transkids.biz/ collections /all

Take the spaces out for the link.

I used to roll things up and shove them under my top when I was little and pretend I had grown-up breasts, maybe I should sue my family for not fixing me up with silicone implants? Seven is totally old-enough to make life-altering decisions about your health and genitals. :rolling_eyes:


Fair enough and good the word would suck if we all agreed on the same stuff. :slight_smile: