Elphas Levis Trancental Magic its Doctrine

In the first passage of the second book is a dialogue between Lucifer the comet and bringing of light, enlightenment/illumination. When asked why she goes around causing destruction, it says its on a secret mission from the creator. It was the birth of intelligence and first emanation of the Ain soph or Sephera of the Kabbalistic Tree of Knowledge. It immediately says" I will not be a slave " according to Levi, that is the disobedience in the Bible, the birth of free will.

Scientists long after this book was written have theorised life came to earth from a comet.

This would infer, Lucifer is the creator of man through God and i believe he is the master of this reality, or illusion of Maya, I also belief as the bible said Lucifer and many Angels were cast down to earth.

My question is then, are we the fallen, because as Mark Twain hinted in his joke " heaven is for climbing, hell for the company. This world is the sitra ahara, the Qliphothic Edom, it would explain why the Elite are so evil, they want to rule hell, this material world.

I love your name by the way, EA, as in Enki, the saviour of mankind sent by Enlil or El who sent the deluge, Prometheus, Lucifer, bringers of light!

Also, may I be so bold as to get you to explain the allegory of the two thieves at the crucifixion which in Kabbalah is got to do with the soul, may be verging on the Unwritten Kabbalah though.