Elite is into occult - conspiracy or not?

This is probably a stupid and somewhat childish question but i still think its interesting.
Do you think elite used general law of attraction principles to come to the top or they emerged themselves deeply into occult by doing rituals, evocations, invokations…

Does all those homosexual practices and sacrificing animals that we hear about (for example Skull and Bones society) has to do anything with the magick?

I am not really an expert actually i am a beginner thats why i am asking. It would be great if someone more knowledgeable would explain it.

What’s true about all those stories or whats even possible, does it have any purpose in the occult world (those animal sacrifaces, orgies etc.)? Thanks

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Can this be debunked like “selling a soul to the devil for fame” was which is really a stupid assumption or is this more complicated and has some truth to it?

We have extensive discussions about this already you might want to check out:

Pacts and dedications exist, so it’s debatable. Once you get over the dumbed-down xtian obfuscation it’s quite an involved and interesting subject. Generally, “sell” is not a good word for it, it confuses the issue by making it sound transactional, and it’s more like a partnership.

I know soul selling is unreal because why would a demon even want your soul and i understand its a partnership
What i am asking is about rituals of the elite

Dude, in my country, elite people are either Opus Dei Christians, furious leftists and/or zealous cultists of Valefor (got the joke? Valefor favors people who steal, haha, I’m not literally saying that they worship demons, it’s just a Goetic joke). I’m afraid that the most hardcore ritual they do is the Catholic mass. And, elite women of my country are known for doing the starfish position, thus their sex magick would suck if they practiced

Selling is actually real lol. It’s literally like a transaction, you get something for your soul which is basically selling your free will so to speak. The being literally marks your soul so it will know where you are no matter where you go. It’s not the same as a partnership, however there are some minor similarities that if you don’t get what you requested then the contract/transaction is in dull terms “refunded”

I know enough about soul selling thats not the question
The question is

Are 90% of the world elite (billionaires, prime Ministers etc.) occultists?


It is simply a fantasy concocted by the not so wealthy to make themselves feel better as to their lot in life. It is also a way to demonise both the rich and magick.

I seriously doubt even 1% of the worlds wealthy are occultists, let alone 90%.


In my personal opinion, they’re probably not occultists. Practicing any variety of occultism takes a great deal of effort and study. Many “elite” people inherited their money, and expect instant gratification, which is the opposite of dedicated occult practice. “Homosexual practices” have nothing to do with it. Also, I’m a member of a group that gets regularly targeted by conspiracy theorists, and they’re wrong on all counts regarding my organization, so I don’t trust their pronouncements on Skull and Bones and other groups, either. The “elite” may be into different practices (ultra-traditional Catholicism, pop Kabbalah, New Age, whatever), but I doubt somehow that they’re serious masters of the occult arts.

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I don’t think every single elite person is into the occult.

Some people were either lucky or played their cards right without the assistance of magick.

I feel that Gwyneth Paltrow might be an occultist though, since she has a store with metaphysical products.

This is one such example:

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Unlikely, the illuminati idea was just that many took on the name of the “original” illuminati and created conspiracy theories around it, the recent one I heard was Beyonce meant to do a ritual with them lol.

It’s honestly just something used to help make those people’s lives a little more interesting. However, I don’t doubt that some celebrities believe in the occult and aren’t open with it.